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Which is the Best Observation Deck in Montreal?

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On Montreal’s 48 hour passport there are two Montreal Observation decks included on the attraction pass. Which is the best observation deck in Montreal? In this post, I take a look at two popular Montreal attractions: The Montreal Tower Observatory vs The Observatory Place Ville Marie.

Observation Deck Olympic Stadium Tower Montreal Quebec-10

The Montreal Tower Observatory

The Montreal Tower located at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium is the world’s tallest inclined tower at 165 meters. It tilts at 45 degrees from the base of the stadium to the top. Visitors enter a funicular which the only of its type to go up the curved structure.

After a short 2-minute ride to the top, we entered a square observation tower. The windows, unfortunately, were dirty and because I was standing behind a bar away from the slanting windows, it was awkward from a photographer’s view to take photos.

Observation Deck Olympic Stadium Tower Montreal Quebec-12

The View from The Montreal Tower

The observation deck does live up to its promise of offering a 360 view of the greater Montreal region. However, on a hot summer’s day, the look was hazy and difficult to photograph from the tower.

best observation deck in Montreal

Spotted windows and the distance of the city made for blurry and unglamorous shots of the city. Some of the windows had large ropes hanging down the middle obstructing the view entirely. If you like observation decks then you might like this one too, however, if you are a photographer there are way better spots to get shots of the city.

Observation Deck Place Ville Marie Montreal-28

360 Observatory Au Sommet Place Ville Marie

Also included in the Montreal 48 hour attraction pass the Observation deck at Place Ville Marie. Tickets for adults go for $19, or you can get a $22 all-day pass which allows you to check out the city from above day and evening. In summer, the observatory is open to 8 PM Sunday to Wednesday and Thursday-Saturday it is open until 10 PM.

Observation Deck Place Ville Marie Montreal-27

From a photographer’s perspective, I felt this location had more to offer in that you are in the middle of the city vs way outside the city at the Olympic Stadium. There was still a haze in Montreal from the humidity, but much easier to take photos from this location.

Observation Deck Place Ville Marie Montreal-7

The Ville Marie Observatory is 185 meters up on the 46th floor. There is floor to ceiling glass windows, but the edges of the building are visible when you look down. Taking city photographs from above was a bit challenging and less impactful.

Observation Deck Place Ville Marie Montreal-30

The Place Ville Marie Observatory spans three floors, down on the 45th floor was another observation floor with an interactive experience. You can make your way around the level’s displays and watch videos on various attractions and cultural topics in Montreal.

If you are new to the city and looking for ideas of what to see, this is an excellent attraction to start your visit. I’ve been to the city a few times and saw a few new things I would like to try by watching these videos.

The last floor, the 44th floor has an outdoor terrace and restaurant. Personally, I found the view better on the 46th floor, but there are a few holes in the panels on the rooftop patio to poke your camera lens through for a clean shot.

Visiting an Observation deck appears on may Montreal itineraries, In my opinion, there is way more value at the Place Ville Marie Observatory than the Montreal Tower.

Want a spectacular view of the city and wonder which is the best observation deck in Montreal? In this post, we compare The Montreal Tower Observatory and The Observatory Place Ville Marie. | Montreal | Quebec | Attraction | Observation Deck | Montreal Stadium | Downtown Montreal

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I won a 4-night trip to the city in a Montreal Tourism giveaway and was given a Montreal 48 Hour attraction pass. Special thanks to Tourism Montreal, and Via Rail for making this dream girls getaway possible.

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