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About Sharon Mendelaoui Founder and Creative Director of Daily Dream 360

Sharon Mendelaoui
Founder and Creative Director

Ready to stop dreaming and take action? Join me! We can do it together!

Hello! I’m Sharon Mendelaoui. I am a graphic designer who worked on the marketing teams of some of the biggest companies in Canada. Through my 15+ years in a corporate cubicle, I dreamt about places I wanted to see and things I wanted to do with my life (as a skinny person).

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As markets rose and fell and the stress got too much to bear, I dreamt about leaving and starting my own business. I imagined a self-employed life a lot – but releasing myself from that corporate paycheque was just too hard.

Then one day, I decided it was time to stop dreaming about dream travel and my dream life and start doing something about it. I started a clean eating lifestyle and a blog to share my travel adventures. I realized that everything begins with a dream, but you have to plan and take actionable steps towards that life. Oh, and most importantly, you have to live it.

A Dream Life After 50

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This “Dream it, Plan it, Live it,” methodology is something I’m passionate about and sharing on my blog and social media channels. I want to inspire other women to grow and succeed in the things they are dreaming about.

Midlife Career Change

After being downsized from corporate life, I decided it was time to run my own graphic design business and use my blog to share challenges with this midlife next chapter. I write about weight losses (and gains), travel adventures and my life experiences as I dream, plan and live my best life over 50.

I am the founder and creative director of Daily Dream 360, a travel and lifestyle website built to inspire our readers to move past dreaming of planning and living their own best lives. I also founded Dream Living 360, a Facebook group where people can ask me questions, participate in fun challenges and set goals to fulfill their health, life, career, business or blogging dreams.

My Freelance Writing

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