How Airlines Have Taken the Fun out of Flying #SKExperts

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There used to be a time when I would get giddy about going to an airport. That feeling right before I was getting on a plane was like entering Disney World as a kid. I loved it, but somehow the airlines have taken all the fun and excitement out of airline travel. These days all I can think about are how airlines have taken the fun out of flying.

How Airlines Have Taken the Fun out of Flying

In my latest post at, I dive into how airline’s current baggage policies are making us all miserable and tell a story from a recent flight that showcases just how out of hand airline baggage policies have gotten.


Airlines Should Know What a Carry-on Friendly Bag is

Recently, I arrived at the airport and proceeded to the counter where an angry looking check-in man looked over at my roller bag and gave me a little come over here motion with his finger. He proceeded to start the worst airline check-in of my life.

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I travel with Heys Luggage. This is a luggage company that has devoted its life and mission to make sure that their carry-on bags fit into the metal wireframe airline checking system thingy. It’s a hard case bag that does not expand – I know, and everyone at Heys Luggage knows this bag is going to fit. When the angry check-in man picked up my standard bag and put it into the metal wire frame, this was only confirmed.

Sky check or checked bags – it’s the same thing!

Let’s talk about airline baggage policies, and I’m sorry, but sky checking bags has to be the single stupidest thing airlines have ever invented. Baby strollers and wheelchairs, OK that makes sense but luggage? So ridiculous. Visit the full article Airlines have officially made flying unbearably miserable at the’s website here.

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How Airlines Have Taken the Fun out of Flying #SKExperts