Movies vs. Reality: Sex and Solo Female Travel #SKExperts

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Sex and Solo Female Travel

When my editors asked me to “talk about sex and solo female travel” I did a slight cringe. I had no idea how to even broach the topic until one night watching a late night movie it hit me! It’s always so perfect and pretty in the movies for women who are travelling. Movies like Under the Tuscan Sun, French Kiss, How Stella Got Her Groove back all romanticize the life of the female traveller, but my reality is so different.

In my Latest Post with SheKnows I take a look at the realities of sex for the solo female traveller vs the “Movie” versions presented to us. From beach vacation flings, uninvited advances to a simple drink at a hotel bar, life on the road for a single female traveller is really not that romantic after all.


What sex is really like when you’re a solo female traveller

I was watching television late one night when I happened to fall upon Under the Tuscan Sun, one of my favourite travel inspiration movies. The scene: a solo woman wandering the streets in Rome alone, where rude men whistle at her and follow her and where miraculously she bumps into the perfect Italian gentleman. He whisks her away to a coastal Italian city, where they have a meal and eventually end up having a passionate night of perfect sex. Really? It got me thinking about my own travel experiences and how far off they are from the movie versions.

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Movies vs. Reality: Sex and Solo Female Travel #SKExperts