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Sharon Mendelaoui freelance travel and lifestyle articles. Sharon shares a sample of her other travel writing articles published online.

A Dream Road Trip on Ontario’s Maple Syrup Trail

To honour Canada's 150th anniversary on July 1, 2017, I was asked by Travelzoo Canada to share a favourite Canadian travel tip. Since it is that time of year and Maple Syrup is about...

Table for One? Solo Dining Etiquette #SKExperts

In this post written for SheKnows get some help on how to dine on your own with these solo dining etiquette tips and suggestions.

How Airlines Have Taken the Fun out of Flying #SKExperts

There used to be a time when I would get giddy about going to an airport. That feeling right before I was getting on a plane was like entering Disney World as a kid....
Things hotels do that drive me crazy

Things Hotels do that Drive me Crazy #SKExperts

In this article, I talk about things hotels do that drive me crazy. Why is Wi-Fi not included at every hotel now? Why charge for bottled water? Can we talk about toilet paper for a second?

Splurging on Solo Luxury Travel #SKEXPERTS

In this post "4 ways I justify my luxurious solo trips" written for I share my passion for solo luxury travel experiences and splurging on luxury travel.
Town of Dunnville Haldimand County Ontario

The Haldimand Press: Haldimand County Where Have You Been Hiding?

I was recently asked to write an article for the Haldimand Press about my experience visiting the area this past summer. The Haldimand Press is small local newspaper that serves the Haldimand County region...
Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online

Movies vs. Reality: Sex and Solo Female Travel #SKExperts

Sex and Solo Female Travel: When my editors asked me to "Talk about Sex" I had no idea how to even broach the topic about sex as a solo female traveller. 

Ideas for an Ontario Winter Getaway with the Girls

In this post: We present an excerpt of an article we wrote on Ontario Winter Getaway with the Girls road trip and weekend getaway ideas filled with fun winter activities.

My Travel Blogging Life: The Secret Life of a Travel Blogger

Have you ever wondered what it is really like to be a travel blogger or writer? In this article I share the secret life of a travel blogger.