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How Yours Outdoors Guides Create Dream Ontario’s Highlands Escapes #comewander

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I have been on many pre-packaged tours throughout my travel adventures. The issue with many of them is the one-size fits all approach to planning the itineraries. Either they are too relaxed and laid back, or activities are too hard and limiting. To my surprise when my girlfriends and I all talked about a dream Canadian winter getaway, where we could do something a little outside our comfort zone, Yours Outdoors was able to put together the perfect escape.

Yours Outdoors Customizes Experiences that are Right for You

I had never been to the Ontario’s Highlands region before that weekend a few winters back, and since then I’ve visited every year. Why? Because there is so much to explore during each season and every time I visit I try something new that I’ve always wanted to do.

I’m not afraid to leave the adventure planning with Barrie Martin and his team of guides at Yours Outdoors. Through his adventure company, I had many first time experiences including:

Winterdance-dog-sled-tour-giving and getting dog love

Dog Sledding

Every Canadian has to try this adventure once in their lives. To do it with tour operators that care for their dogs’ well-being to the point the dogs are so excited to meet you, kiss you and jump up and down until you let them do what they love is a priceless experience. These dog’s love to RUN!

Ontario Winter Getaway with the girls-dog-sledding

Add the serene landscape of untouched Ontario’s Highlands forest, fresh drop of snow and a beautiful crisp, sunny winter’s day and you have a dream that you will never forget. I can never get tired of looking at these photos. I still can’t believe that I got to experience it.


Glass Blowing

I have a new appreciation for glass blown art now that I experienced this workshop. The dangers of it mainly, but the creativity required when choosing bits of glass to melt down and form your new creation.

Being able to share this moment with four besties and walking away with three of my creations was just icing on the cake. It’s one of those experiences that is not commonly available, and I can say that I did it thanks to the team at Yours Outdoors.

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Snowshoe Hike

I am not an outdoorsy girl. I have to admit that entire weekend I was dreading this experience the most. Getting strapped into the high-tech snowshoes and learning to walk with them was a little scary at first, but then I found myself hiking along the Minden trail and I didn’t think about What if I get tired? What if it is too hard? It took my breathe away in an entirely different way. I just looked around in awe. Listened to the fresh water flowing, ice crackling and the soft puff the snow made when I walked over it with my snowshoe. I’m now not afraid to try new outdoor winter adventures because of this trip. Read more about our winter wander with Yours Outdoors here: Customize Your Ontario Highlands Adventures with Yours Outdoors.


Hands on Pottery

Like the glass blowing, I have a whole new appreciation for the art of pottery making. There is such a delicate dance between working with the clay, hoping it survives the kiln to the finished piece, that I will never complain about the cost of a handmade pottery piece again. We experienced three pottery making types, and I cherish my creations that sit on display in my home. See this post: Pottery Excursion: Gone to Pot with Yours Outdoors in Haliburton for more details.

Yours Outdoors Has Something for Every Type of Wanderer

Your outdoors adventures are categorized by the type of wanderer you are, the season and your adventure level. From tasting adventures, unique experiences like pottery or glass blowing to outdoor adventures and activities the guides at Yours Outdoors will ensure the itinerary suits your travel style.

What I love most about working with them are the dream experiences I’ve always wanted to do and the safe, unjudgemental environment they create for those adventures that might be outside my comfort zone.

What’s New at Yours Outdoors

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Barrie Martin, owner of Yours Outdoors for an article I wrote on the Ontario’s Highlands website You can see the article in its entirety here: Meet the Locals The Experience Leader. Barrie has been trying to get me to do an ice wall climb experience since my first winter adventure with him; we joke about it all the time.

Fortunately, there are some new experiences that I am very excited to try. The first being an introduction to skiing – I once cross-country skied as a schoolgirl on a winter trip, so the idea of hitting the many trails in the Haliburton Highlands is very appealing. Then Barrie told me about Winter Glamping! A traditional winter camping experience he promises is not a freeze your buns off sleeping in a sleeping bag type of experience. Imagine an Egyptian cotton walled tent, a wood stove and a bed which provides a comfortable, warm winter camping adventure.

I believe I have my next Winter Wander in Ontario’s Highlands all planned: Winter Glamping and Cross Country skiing, mixed of course with some of my favourite places to visit when I’m in the area:

Plan your next Ontario’s Highlands adventure and see where you can wander at

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