Aura Notre Dame a Magical Light Show in Old Montreal

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I’m still sitting in the pew waiting for more. I’m about to cry as the overwhelming feeling that I have just experienced the most beautiful thing I have ever seen during my travels.

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Aura Notre Dame Light Show

Aura is a show not to miss when visiting Montreal. It is an overwhelmingly beautiful witness of the transformations of the Notre Dame Basilica into a magnificent theatre which transports you through a journey.

Phase 1 of the Evening – a Bit Creepy

At first, I was a bit concerned. I looked over at my friend, and we both had a moment of what did we just purchase tickets for? The first part of the experience was walking around the outer hallways of the basilica and watching the light up displays. The photos on the wall were illuminated, and there was creepy music playing inside the dimly lit church.

It was sweltering inside that night as there was no air-conditioning and the smell of incense burning was a bit over-powering. I took a seat in one of the rows in the middle of the Basilica. Both my friend and I sat there a bit confused as to what we were witnessing during this pre-show light walk.

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The Spectacular Light Show

Eventually, everyone was asked to take a seat inside the pews. The church became utterly dark and what I can only describe as loud background noise started to rise from the darkness. This white noise was so loud; I never imagined a church could emit such volumes.

Then the sound of voices singing filled the room. The saints in front of us lit up in various colours. Again, I was wondering what the heck was I experiencing. But, as if by magic the roof of the Notre Dame was transformed into glass. Beats of music led streams of light through all its intricate painted details on the ceiling. A visual transportation through seasons leaves blooming, birds flying over us leaves falling and snow and ice covering us all.

Between the angelic singing and the fantastic lights and images transforming me I found myself getting emotional, inspired and in disbelief all at once. The 45-minute show was just a Wow moment. I wished would never end.

Attraction: A must-see show when visiting Montreal. Experience the amazing indoor light show transforming the inside of Montreal's famed Notre Dame Basilica. | Montreal | Attraction | Light Show |

Tips For Attending Aura Notre Dame

  • Order tickets early online as they sell out, especially on weekends, see Aura Website Here.
  • If the show appears sold out online, double check in the Notre Damn Gift shop if any tickets are available as we were able to purchase tickets there on the day of our show
  • A line will form outside early. However, there is plenty of room and time to walk around the basilica before the light show begins and plenty of seating
  • Choose a seat in the middle to back half of the church for optimal viewing, the show takes place for the most part at the front of the basilica and on the ceiling
  • The closer you sit to the front of the church the more you will strain your neck watching the show on the ceiling
  • No air-conditioning – bring a fan and dress accordingly when viewing in summer.

Attraction: A must-see show when visiting Montreal. Experience the amazing indoor light show transforming the inside of Montreal's famed Notre Dame Basilica. | Montreal | Attraction | Light Show |

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