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Escape to New Worlds in the Biodome Montreal


Note: The Biodome is currently closed for a large-scale renovation and will reopen in summer 2019.


As soon as the sliding doors opened before me, I felt the warm tropical air hit my face. As I walked inside, I was taken into a new world of lavish greenery, exotic flowers and smells of the damp tropical rainforest. It was like a tropical vacation, and I was on my hike through the rainforest.

Entering the Tropical Rainforest at the Biodome in Montreal

The Biodome Montreal Quebec

The Biodome is divided into five areas representing the Ecosystems of the Americas. The tropical rainforest, the Laurentian maple forest, the Gulf of the St. Lawrence, the Labrador Coast and the Sub Antarctic Islands. It is like taking a tour through nature in the Americas all within one visit.

Colourful bird in the Biodome's Tropical Rainforest

Biodome – Tropical Rainforest

The first ecosystem was, of course, the tropical rainforest and it is a welcome start to feel the heat on your face as the world around you starts to show itself. The first friends I made were a set of parrots in a tree having a rather loud “conversation.”

Colourful Parrots at Play in the Biodome's Tropical Rainforest

Then I followed a somewhat playful monkey as he jumped along the side of me willing me to follow. He was quick and appeared blurry in just about every shot I took. He seemed amused by this and refused to sit still. He continued jumping from branch to branch until I was standing in front of a small platform with food in it. Then he did it. He posed for the picture.

Crazy Monkey Finally Stands Still

The tropical rainforest has the most wildlife in it compared to the other areas. I wasn’,t looking hard enough for the amphibians which included poison arrow frogs, the anaconda and the piranha. But I did capture a few other animals on my walkthrough.

Escape to New Worlds in the Biodome Montreal

Biodome – Laurentian Maple Forest

The next set of doors bring me into a more familiar Canadian forest. In it trees and shrubs and some familiar animals which included some birds, a raccoon and the Canadian Beaver.

Escape to New Worlds in the Biodome Montrea

The Beaver exhibit is fascinating as you can see it above ground and then take a walk underneath to see what his home looks like underwater. I was lucky to see the Beaver swimming away inside.

Escape to New Worlds in the Biodome Montrea

Biodome – The Gulf of St. Lawrence

After walking through the forest, I entered the next ecosystem and then into this sizeable dome of water. Birds flew around me and sat and took it all in. Crisp fresh air like I was standing in the middle of the Gulf of the St. Lawrence.

Escape to New Worlds in the Biodome Montrea

In this ecosystem a tribute to water and some pretty fantastic fish. Like a mini aquarium park in the middle of the Biodome.

Escape to new worlds in Montreal's popular family attraction the Biodome. In this post, we share what you need to know and give you a sneak peek at what you will see inside. | #Montreal #attraction #animals #familyfriendly |

Biodome – Labrador Coast

After wandering through the forest and admiring the marine life, the Biodome takes me to a new place and introduces me to some new cute friends. I’ve always dreamed about visiting Labrador, and after my encounter with the Puffins, I can’t wait for a real visit!

Atlantic Puffins - Soooo Cute!

Biodome – Sub Antarctic Islands

A favourite for many is the last of the ecosystem exhibits. The children running up and down the glass have been waiting for this moment, and I can’t help but smile to myself. The only thing separating me from my Antarctic adventure is this glass wall, but I quickly forget it is there and immerse myself in the world of the penguins.

Swimming Penguins come to say Hi!

Other Exhibitions at the Biodome

During my visit the special exhibition was a tribute to the sloth – however, they were asleep in their nests, and this proved to be a bit of let down. I did, however, meet some turtles and lizards in this space.

Escape to New Worlds in the Biodome Montrea

As I walk towards the doors to exit the Biodome, I sigh and look back. I will have to visit again, and I smile at myself when I think every time I visit it’s probably going to be an entirely different experience.

Escape to new worlds in Montreal's popular family attraction the Biodome. In this post, we share what you need to know and give you a sneak peek at what you will see inside. | #Montreal #attraction #animals #familyfriendly |

Have you been to Montreal’s Biodome? Do you have a favourite Montreal attraction? Let me know in the comments below I’d love to hear your stories!

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Travel support on this trip was provided by Tourism Montreal.

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