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Sharon's Story

Hi! I'm Sharon, a dreamer from Toronto, Canada, who, not too long ago, was downsized from my career as a corporate graphic designer. Since then, I've downsized my home, started a business, set new health goals and have been travelling the world to push myself further outside my comfort zone.

"It all starts with a dream"

Dream Travel

Winter Spiritual Retreat at the Hive Centre in Durham Ontario

We share details from our spiritual retreat and relaxing stay amongst the trees at the Hive Centre and Bed and Breakfast in Durham Region, Ontario.

Spiritual Retreat at Allegretto Vineyard Resort Paso Robles California

For a relaxing escape in California's Paso Robles, wine country consider the tranquillity and European inspired Allegretto Vinyard Resort for your stay. We have details about the resort and what to do and see in Paso Robles California.

Travel Gear

How to Pack Light with a Stylish Capsule Wardrobe for Travel

We share tips on how to pack light with a stylish capsule wardrobe for travel. Download our outfit planner, and see how 18 items can turn into 2 weeks of stylish travel outfits.

Best Waterproof Cameras for Snorkeling and Beach Vacations

Looking for the best waterproof cameras for snorkelling and beach vacations? We break down all the latest models and features may be the best for you and your photography needs.

Dream Life

Tips for Travelling During Cold and Flu Season

Tips for travelling during cold and flu season that might help avoid germs and getting sick at the airport, on the plane and at your hotel.

How to Use MoroccanOil on Curly Hair to Tame Curls and Manage Frizz

With thick curly hair comes a frizzy mess. We take a look at MoroccanOil products for curly hair and share some tips on how to use it to tame your curls and frizz.

Dream Home

7 Day Declutter Challenge: Day 7 Declutter Your Home Office

Home office buried in paper? It's time to join our 7-day declutter challenge where today we tackle how to declutter your home office.

7 Day Declutter Challenge: Day 6 Declutter Your Kitchen

The Kitchen is going to be a fun space o tackle during our 7-day Declutter Challenge. From drawer organization, the pantry and other hidden places we got the tips you need to declutter your kitchen.

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