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3 Simple Strategies on How to Change Your Mindset for Success

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One of the biggest obstacles for me transitioning from corporate life into self-employment was my internal thoughts. I had a lot of anxiety and fear about how I was going to make this dream work. I decided I needed to make some changes in my life to push me to think like a successful person vs the constant fear of failure. Here are three simple strategies and tips on how to change your mindset for success.

I found myself relearning these success strategies during the recent lockdown. First, I was so anxious and scared about my business and my old car that I was telling myself it was all going to fail. Then, finally, I manifested the exact date my car died. I didn’t mean to; I just was worried about driving out to my brother for his birthday with my old car, and that morning, the car died.

That’s when I realized I needed to shift my energy and change things around. I had to stop talking in my head like I couldn’t succeed during these difficult days and focus on success. Bringing in new clients, earning more and reminding myself I had everything I needed to do these things was something I committed to doing.

I found three simple strategies for changing to a successful mindset:

  1. Talk like you believe it.
  2. Use affirmations and incantations that inspire you to succeed.
  3. Create a vision board and surround yourself with inspirational décor.
Plan it.

Why You Need a Success Mindset

Athletes use success mindset strategies all the time. Often they run through visualization exercises to see themselves in the winner’s circle. Focusing on the successful outcome allows you to feel and visualize the end goal and the steps you need to take to achieve it. Individuals with a success mindset can figure out how to make things happen in their lives.

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Skills are good to have, but your best start to achieving success in your life is your perspective. A positive mindset will increase your chances of developing a winning strategy to achieve your success. The steps and processes will formulate once you start to establish how you look at things.

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How to Change Your Mindset for Success

1. Talk Like You Believe It

Like me, talking with confidence about things you are striving for is where most people fail—an excellent reason to put it at the top of my list. I have caught myself many times, primarily through the pandemic lockdown, using negative and fear-driven language. The key to this strategy is to talk like you are about to have it or already have it.

You may have heard while working for a corporation to dress for the position you want rather than the current position. This strategy is the same: speak as if you already have it, as you know it is coming, be confident in your statements.

For example, you want to improve your financial situation. You might say something like, “I can’t afford this.” If you add a spirit of believing and confidence to the statement and speak like you will have what you need shortly, it changes the energy.

  • “I will be purchasing this soon.” 
  • “The income I need to purchase this is coming.” 

It sounds somewhat silly when you first start, but the shift of speaking positively actually does produce better results than speaking negatively.

2. Affirmations and Incantations

You may already use affirmations in your day-to-day practice. In keeping with the talk like you believe it. Many experts and success coaches talk about the “I AM” power and everything that comes after those words.

If you are saying negative things after I AM, then they must be. Tony Robbins, for example, doesn’t believe in affirmations. He doesn’t like statements like “I am beautiful” when you don’t think it or mean it. In his opinion, speaking without belief is less effective than when saying those words with intention and confidence.

Talk like the person you want to be vs the person you are now!

Be careful the words that you put behind the words I AM. They are mighty. So be clear about what “I AM” and what “I AM NOT” is and make sure these words are positive.

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wall with framed vision boards and pictures

3. Vision Boards and Inspirational Décor

Vision Boards that Build a Success Mindset

I had mixed feelings about vision boards in the past, but I read Sara Centrella’s book Future Boards during the pandemic. Sara is a successful coach and believes in the power of positive thinking and vision boarding to manifest dreams.

I revamped my vision boards according to her strategies and ran through many of her exercises in the book. Within weeks of starting, I already noticed some progress as I onboarded a new client. Since building my boards, I have brought on more clients, taken a screenplay course to pursue that dream, to name a few things.

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Inspirational Décor for Changing your Mindset for Success

Surround yourself with slight notes of positive messages. It can be as simple as taking a sticky note and placing it somewhere you will see it. I love little inspirational signs. I find them in cute general stores I visit during my travels.

You can make your inspirational décor which the act of creating it with passion like a vision board will mean more to you. Think about picture frames with images or quotes, inspirational wood boards, even stacks of books that you have read that inspired you.

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