Kayaking and A Breath of Fresh Air in Orillia Ontario

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Over the years I discovered I have a passion for kayaking. For most of my life, I was always a bit afraid of kayaking. I thought you needed specialized training to learn how to self-rescue in case the kayak is turned over, but it turns out there are many different types of kayaks out there. One summer day, through A Breath of Fresh Air kayak rentals in Orillia I discovered open kayaks, and I can’t explain the feeling of bliss as you glide across the water with nature all around you!


Kayak Rentals in Orillia Ontario

A Breath of Fresh Air Kayak Rentals

When I visit the City of Orillia during the summer, kayaking is on the itinerary each time. Of course, this activity is weather-dependent, but even on a windy day with a choppy lake, my love for kayaking takes over!


Located at Orillia’s waterfront in Couchiching Beach Park, A Breath of Fresh Air provides kayak rentals on the shore of Lake Couchiching. That day the wind was blowing, and the lake was super choppy, but after talking about it with owner Al, I decided to go for it anyway.

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Al picked a wide Kayak and assured me of its stability. He slowly went over the features of the kayak and told me how to sit inside and balance myself. There are some different kayaks to choose from, and he made sure to choose the most stable one given the choppy waters.

Al showing me tips in Kayak Orillia A Breathe of Fresh Air kayak rentals orillia

In no time I was off and immediately the feeling of calm took over me. The water was a bit choppy, but the Kayak was stable, and I was able to propel myself out into the open waters of Lake Couchiching.

Me on kayak with Orillia A Breathe of Fresh Air kayak rentals orillia

Kayak Rentals Orillia Ontario

Kayaking on the lake in Orillia is very affordable, only $12.50 for an hour and if you’d like you can do a half-day Kayak for $40 or a full-day Kayak for $60. I took the Kayak around the big dock along the waterfront area and into Marina Bay where the water was a bit calmer.

Orillia A Breathe of Fresh Air kayak rentals orillia

I never in a million years thought I was going to enjoy this sport so much. There is something so relaxing about gliding across the water and enjoying the view around you. Even in choppy waters while I had to paddle a bit harder I was thrilled to be out on the water. I have been kayaking a lot this summer in Ontario and am very excited to see that it is so easy to find places to rent them. A Breath of Fresh Air is going to be a regular stop on my trips to Orillia – oh and they have ice hut fishing rentals in the winter too!

I feel an ice fishing excursion coming in my future! For more to see and do in Orillia Ontario, see our guide here.

Do you have a favourite kayak story to share? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

Travel assistance was provided by Ontario’s Lake Country and A Breath of Fresh Air, however, the opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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