Customize Your Ontario Winter Getaway with Yours Outdoors

Customize Your Ontario Winter Getaway with Yours Outdoors

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When planning our winter weekend getaway in Haliburton Ontario, we had no idea what to do. We knew we wanted to participate in a girls getaway, but we wanted it to be different — a winter weekend for the girls doing winter things.  I’ve experienced many unique experiences during my travels but, none as unique and diverse as the tours arranged by Yours Outdoors for this weekend.

You’re in Good Hands with the Team at Yours Outdoors

If you are looking to visit the Haliburton area and don’t know what to do, call Barrie Martin and the crew at Yours Outdoors. Why? They are connected to everyone in the region and are passionate about sharing their love for the area with anyone who wishes.

Whatever you’ve always wanted to do and it doesn’t have to be a high flying adventure, Yours Outdoors can customize the right experience for you. Our epic adventure tested are creative side, gave us a taste of winter adventure and even introduced us to new musical genres.

Outside the glass blowing workshop at artech glass in Haliburton, glass balls hang in tree during winter.

Face the Furnace – Glass Blowing with Artech Glass

Before my trip to Haliburton, I didn’t even know you could participate in hands-on glass blowing workshop. It was the furthest thing from my mind actually, but there I was standing in front of a blazing hot furnace filled with molten glass.

Sharon Mendelaoui gathers glass from furnace at Artech Glass in Haliburton

Our mission during this workshop was to complete three pieces of art (with the help of Terry Craig) including a glass blob (paperweight), a glass snowball (hanging glass ball) and a bowl.

My first task was to take the steel rod and dip it into the molten glass inside the furnace. Upon opening the furnace door, I felt the heat on my face and hands. Gently turning the rod, I gathered my first glob of glass.

Terry Craig guides Sharon Mendelaoui in making glass art in workshop

I went back to the bench and did everything in my power not to touch the fire hot steel rod with my right hand. I held the shaping tool with my right, and while rolling the rod with my left (on the cold end of the rod), I watched my glass blob transform.

Rolling the glass at Artech Glass Workshop

Then back to the furnace to heat the glass blob. We added some colour glass pieces to the blob, reheated again and continued shaping. Terry had me grab the pinchy tools (a very sophisticated glass blowing tool), and I start pulling the glass into ribbon-like pieces. The steps repeated until I had a smooth paperweight completed.

Sharon Mendelaoui blows glass at Artech Glass workshop haliburton

To make the glass ball we repeated all these steps, but this time the steel rod was different. It had a mouthpiece on it where I had to blow air through it to push an air bubble in my blob.

Glass balls covered in snow hang from trees at Artech Glass Studio in Haliburton

The fear of burning myself started to subside with each piece. In just a few hours we each had completed three pieces of glass blown art. They had to stay overnight at the studio to cool, but here are the final pieces which I brought home.


The Artech Glass Blowing Studios

Owners Terry Craig and Jennifer Wanless-Craig are well known for their hand blown beer glasses and stemware which they design themselves in their studio. They live in an old refurbished Church filled with collectables and can be seen attending an art show or two where you can buy some of their creations.

Your Outdoors_Haliburton Winter Folk Camp 2014

Haliburton Winter Folk Camp

I love it when my travels bring me to places where I can experience some great music. The Haliburton Winter Folk Camp held by the Haliburton County Folk Society brings top musicians to participate in learning sessions and song circles with camp attendees who want to improve their music skills.

Barrie from Yours Outdoors drove us to the event where we watched an intimate performance by Tim Chaisson, October Browne and Teresa Doyle.

It’s not every day when Canada’s Juno award winning best cross your paths. I’m happy to report that I have now added Folk Music to my iTunes library!

Snowshoeing at the Minden Wild Water Preserve

With fresh snow on the ground on a beautiful Sunday morning in Haliburton, we were greeted by our Yours Outdoors tour guide Maria for an “easy” snowshoe walk at the Minden Wild Water Preserve.

Sharon Mendelaoui snow shoes at Minden Water Reserve

There was a little concern at the start, I’m not going to lie, about how physical an activity snow shoeing actually is, but it turns out, it is rather fun. There are a few awkward moments at first as you learn to walk with a metal board-like object strapped to your boot, but then it just becomes more natural.

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Sharon Mendelaoui snow shoes at Minden Water Reserve

The Minden Wild Water Preserve was the perfect backdrop for our hike. With each step, I was more and more confident that I wasn’t going to fall through the deep snow. Beside us, the waters of the Gull river laid the perfect soundtrack, for a beautiful sunny day.

Minden Water Reserve in winter

The Minden Wilde Water Preserve is a natural canoeing and kayaking slalom facility in Minden, Ontario.

The girls stand in front of river part of the Yours Outdoors winter weekend getaway in Haliburton

Yours Outdoors Plan the Perfect Winter Weekend in Ontario

There is something really incredible about planning a trip somewhere and knowing that you are in good hands. The team at Yours Outdoors made sure all the arrangements were taken care of. From driving us safely in bad winter weather to ensuring we enjoyed our experiences to the max. The group offers many year-round activities in the Haliburton region.

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Pinestone Resort Haliburton in Winter

Where to stay in Haliburton

Pinestone Resort and Conference Centre

We stayed at the Pinestone Resort in Haliburton during our winter getaway. It was the perfect location near the town and was central to all our winter activities that weekend.

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Thank you so much to everyone at Ontario Highlands Tourism and Yours Outdoors for this amazing adventure!

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Travel assistance was provided by the team at Yours Outdoors and Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization on a Media FAM Trip. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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