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Things hotels do that drive me crazy

Things Hotels do that Drive me Crazy #SKExperts

In this article, I talk about things hotels do that drive me crazy. Why is Wi-Fi not included at every hotel now? Why charge for bottled water? Can we talk about toilet paper for a second?

Splurging on Solo Luxury Travel #SKEXPERTS

In this post "4 ways I justify my luxurious solo trips" written for I share my passion for solo luxury travel experiences and splurging on luxury travel.
Booking with a Travel Agent vs. Booking Online

Movies vs. Reality: Sex and Solo Female Travel #SKExperts

Sex and Solo Female Travel: When my editors asked me to "Talk about Sex" I had no idea how to even broach the topic about sex as a solo female traveller. 

Ideas for an Ontario Winter Getaway with the Girls

In this post: We present an excerpt of an article we wrote on Ontario Winter Getaway with the Girls road trip and weekend getaway ideas filled with fun winter activities.

My Travel Blogging Life: The Secret Life of a Travel Blogger

Have you ever wondered what it is really like to be a travel blogger or writer? In this article I share the secret life of a travel blogger.