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My Travel Blogging Life: The Secret Life of a Travel Blogger


Have you ever wondered what it is really like to be a travel writer? Do you want to know what happens on a travel blogger’s press trip? Do you see the travel blogging life as a glamorous series of luxury travel experiences? The reality behind the travel blogging life is actually quite different and often can be quite unglamorous. I decided to share a little of the real life of a travel blogger in my first post as an Experts Among Us author with SheKnows.com.


The Secret Life of a Travel Blogger

I heard the gurgling sounds of water and headed over to the coffee machine to watch it brew the cup of coffee that would fuel my next inspirational article. As I stood there staring into the mirror, I thought about what my readers would think of my glamorous life: standing in the bathroom of my hotel room, brewing a cup of coffee in a paper cup filled with powdered creamer.


It is not exactly the picture-perfect dream world I share on my travel website, but it is my dream life and these are some of the secrets you may not see reading my blog. While we do get to stay at some rather posh places at times, the reality of a travel blogger’s life is actually quite different.


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