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The Best Polarized Sunglasses: How Serengeti Sunglasses Help you See in HD

I’ve tried many different brands of sunglasses from cheap designer knockoffs, Oakley, Rayban and more. What I learned is some people love polarized lenses, and some hate them. I’m in the camp that once you go Polarized, you never go back. So now I think I’m confident in my choice for the best polarized sunglasses: Serengeti Eyewear.

Serengeti Eyewear

How Serengeti Sunglasses Help you See in HD

Best Polarized Sunglasses Need Serengeti Technology

So what makes Serengeti Sunglasses the best-polarized sunglasses? Serengeti Eyewear uses Photochromic technology which let in the optimal amount of light. Depending on the conditions the sunglasses darken in bright sunlight and lighten in overcast conditions.

Serengeti Drivers Sunglasses Lenses and Light

The transition effect of the Photochromic technology and Spectral Control® has the following benefits:

  • Gradually adjusts to UV Light
  • Takes the full spectrum of light into account
  • Filters shortwave blue light the cause of veiling glare
  • Manages light wavelengths to provide vibrant vision
  • Diminishes haze, enhances contrast and improves colour and sharpness
  • The polarization that lets in only preferred light
  • Absorbs all four types of glare

The result when wearing Serengeti Sunglasses is a feeling of seeing things in HD. You really can see the clarity and how the colours around you pop.

One pair of sunglasses for all lighting conditions.

I used to have sunglasses with a lighter colour lens for cloudy days and one with a dark lens for super bright sunny days. Now I only need the one pair as it adjusts on its own to the conditions.

Serengeti Polarized Sunglasses Style and Fashion

Serengeti Eyewear loves bringing back classic styles that stay relevant longer. The difference is the advanced technology that goes into the glass lens. These vintage iconic styles come in a variety of mediums including Acetate, Metal and Nylon.

Looking for the best polarized sunglasses? Serengeti Eyewear have some classic styles loaded with the best lens technology. It is like seeing the world in HD. Check out the 2018 collection and see why these sunglasses will become your new favourite fashion accessory. | #sunglasses #polarized #fashion #accessories |

2018 Serengeti Sunglasses Collection Highlights

Now that I have been wearing my Serengeti Sunglasses for a few weeks, I may just have found my go-to sunglasses brand. The clarity of things through the Serengeti eyewear lenses is like looking at an HD screen vs an analogue one. I have a very mild prescription for distance, and even with just the regular lenses things appear clearer, and I find I’m not reaching for my distance glasses as often.

Andrea Serengeti Sunglasses 2018

Serengeti Sunglasses Acetate Series

Model Andrea

I saw the pink Tortoise frame from across the room, and I was instantly drawn to them. I walked over to the display and thought please look good on me! As soon as I had them on, I knew these were the Sunglasses for me!

The Andrea model is part of the Serengeti acetate series. It has that vintage look with a modern spin. The frames come in a variety of tortoise shades from pink, black to blue.

Best Polarized Glasses for Drivers

The lens on the Andrea model is a driver’s gradient which makes these another pair for those of you looking for the best polarized sunglasses for drivers. The driver’s lens was launched in 1985 and features an amber-coloured lens which is an excellent match to the tortoise shades in this model.

The lens was made to distinguish red, green and yellow colours which allows these colours to pop or appear in HD in different environments. A lens that enhances both colour and contrast that can lighten and darken in various lighting conditions make these the best sunglasses for drivers.

Metera Serengeti Sunglasses 2018

Serengeti Sunglasses Metal Series

Model Matera

The sleek, sporty aviator comes in a variety of lens colours. The frame has a brushed-metal finish with models nose pads and rubble temple tips which give you a secure fit. Great for sports activities or those seeking a sleeker look.

Anteo Serengeti Sunglasses 2018

Serengeti Sunglasses Classic Nylon Series

Model Anteo

The Anteo model is great for drivers as it has an ultra-thin frame made of nylon for durability. The lenses are photochromic with Spectral Control® making these the best polarized sunglasses for driving.

Erice Serengeti Sunglasses 2018

Serengeti Sunglasses Sports Nylon Series

Model Erice

This popular model is part of Serengeti’s sports series. Ultra-lightweight nylon frame infused with the lens technology make these sunglasses great for sports activities while still looking fashionable.

The great thing about Serengeti Eyewear is that there is a style out there for everyone. Many of the styles are unisex, but a few models will cater more to women and others to men. Regardless of the type of activity driving, sports, or just looking good these classic styles and the lens technology will make you a fan too! By far the best-polarized sunglasses I have ever owned.

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Looking for the best polarized sunglasses? Serengeti Eyewear have some classic styles loaded with the best lens technology. It is like seeing the world in HD. Check out the 2018 collection and see why these sunglasses will become your new favourite fashion accessory. | #sunglasses #polarized #fashion #accessories |

Disclosure: Photos of sunglasses provided by Serengeti Eyewear and used with permission. I was not compensated for this post. I received a pair of Serengeti Sunglasses for review purposes only. As always the opinions in this post are my own.


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