Ultimate List of the Best Travel Gifts for Her

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We put together a list of the best travel gifts for her. If you are looking for the best travel gifts for women we have a number of suggestions from popular travel accessories, luggage and wallets to travel technology and camera gear.

Dream it.

Looking for the perfect gift for her doesn’t have to be stressful. There are plenty of travel accessories that she may love. Think about the type of traveller you are shopping for and choose gifts that will make travel easier for them.

Ultimate list of the Best Travel Gifts for her
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What Type of Traveller is She?

Business travel: Does she take a lot of business trips. You might want to upgrade her luggage or give her some accessories like cable organizers, laptop sleeves to make her packing and travelling more comfortable.

Outdoor Enthusiast: If she is a lover of the outdoors, consider packable backpacks, anti-theft luggage and cool travel accessories like collapsible travel mugs.

Ultimate list of the Best Travel Gifts for her

What is Your Gift Budget?

Depending on your budget, you can decide what to invest in. From expensive luggage or travel technology to smaller travel accessories like RFID wallets, cosmetic bags or on the go coffee press, there is something on this list for every budget.

Ultimate list of the Best Travel Gifts for her
Live it.

The Ultimate List of the Best Travel Gifts for Her

Best Travel Gifts for Women: Luggage and Bags

Depending on the suitcase, this gift might be a bit of a splurge. If your budget allows, you can get her a stylish and colourful bag. Other things to consider include is the bag lightweight and does it have lots of organizational pockets.

Smaller Travel Bags and Wallets for Her

In the mid-range budget, you will find there are several great anti-theft bags and travel-friendly totes and purses. Vera Bradley is a well-known travel accessory brand for women, while Travelon offers stylish anti-theft handbags, backpacks and wallets in all sizes and budgets.

Best Travel Accessories for Women

Are you looking for stocking stuffers or small travel gifts for her? Consider smaller travel accessories she will love like a great travel scarf, a new toiletry kit, sunglasses and wallets or credit cardholders.

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Technical and business travel gear women

Best Women’s Travel Gifts in Technology

A popular travel gift for women is a personal security alarm. This alarm is essential for women who travel alone. The security alarm is attached to the hotel room door and will sound if someone tries to enter when they are asleep or in the shower.

Travel Technology Finds

Other accessible travel technology gifts include a fitness tracker, travel speaker or noise-cancelling headphones. If she loves to read, you may want to get her a waterproof Kindle Oasis.

Travel Cameras She will Love

You may want to consider a great camera for travel and include the fashionable and affordable Instamax camera, or if you have a bit more of a budget, take a look at a waterproof camera or action cameral.

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More Budget-Friendly Travel Gifts for Her

There are many travel gifts that every traveller will love, no matter their gender. These include travel mugs, luggage scales, travel pillows and even a travel footrest.

Ultimate list of the Best Travel Gifts for her

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Ultimate List of the Best Travel Gifts for Her