Lug Skipper Shoulder Pouch: Don’t Let Its Small Size Fool You

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In the past, I often found that I needed a big bag to lug all my essentials, like magazines, music, snacks, camera and makeup stuff, but when I arrived at a destination I would get invited to dinner, or for a little walk and wished I didn’t have to carry the big bag around with me. So finally I found it! The perfect compact purse for tours and city walks when I’m on vacation – The Lug Skipper Shoulder Pouch.

Lug Skipper, It’s Small and Compact

If you don’t know Lug as a brand then you are probably thinking this bag is really tiny and you won’t be able to fit much in it. However, like all Lug bags, there is a science and an organization in mind with its design. This bag is not for carrying a tonne of gear with you. It’s for carrying the essentials only and keeping them close!


The bag is divided into three compartments. The front pouch has a zipper and a special soft lining which is great for protecting your smartphone or sunglasses. The middle pouch, also with a zipper is the main compartment which you can fit a small wallet, some essential makeup, kleenex or a map. There is more room in this compartment that may appear in the photo. Finally, there is a third slit compartment hidden on the outside of the bag. This is a great little spot for hiding your passport or identification cards or other documents you want to be able to reach for or keep hidden close to your body.

The Lug Skipper shoulder pouch features an adjustable strap so you can let it hang long or short over your shoulder or convert it into a waist pouch. The strap can even be threaded in the belt loops of your pants if you wanted. There is also a carabiner clip on the bag to hang your keys off of if you don’t have room to put them in your bag.


Lug Skipper Pick a Colour

Like most Lug bags the Skipper Shoulder Pouch comes in a variety of colours, from essential black to fun colours like Rose, Ocean Blue and Grass. I confess (as the photos in this post give me away anyway) I have 2 Skipper bags Fog and Plum.

Essential Dream Travel Gear

I pack a skipper bag in my luggage for just about any trip. I never know when I’m going to need just a small bag for a few essentials when I’m on a trip. Since they are so compact they don’t take much room in an overnight bag or the trunk of my car for road trips. If I’m heading out to dinner and just want my hotel room key, smartphone, some makeup and some cash then I can just transfer them into a Skipper and I’m good to go.

Do you have a favourite Lug bag or travel bag for your trips? I’d love to hear about it, please share them in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Lug Skipper Shoulder Pouch: Don’t Let Its Small Size Fool You”

  1. I am in love with the Lug Skipper Shoulder Pouch as they come in different color and varieties.
    Great post indeed to characterize these all pouch.
    Keep Sharing these kind of shopping items.

  2. Marsha D. Manson

    I own 2 Taxicab Full Totes. One is Fog and the other one is Rose.
    I absolutely love these 2. Even though they are big, not cumbersome and quite comfortable. Evenly portioned to hold all my things.
    Thanks Lug.
    A satisfied customer.

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