5 Best Coffee Shops Charlottetown PEI Canada

5 of the Best Coffee Shops in Charlottetown PEI

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I was wandering the streets of Charlottetown, exploring the walkable city when I happened to find Great George Street. There on this street, I noticed three coffee shops located side by side. I realised for this relatively small city of 50,000 or so Charlottetown has a lot of coffee shops. This revelation took me on a coffee adventure, through the caffeine trail in Charlottetown. I drank a lot of coffee and picked 5 of the best coffee shops in Charlottetown PEI.

Receiver Cafe Best Coffee Shops Charlottetown PEI

The many Cafés and Coffee Shops of Charlottetown

1. Receiver Coffee Company

On my early morning walk, I noticed a lot of people walking in and out of this favourite spot in Charlottetown. From people on morning walks with their dogs, or on their way to work, Receiver Coffee has people walking through its doors all day long. In the evening, I watched as they had to tell people to leave as it was time to close. Located on the pedestrian street in Charlottetown, known as Victoria Row, Receiver is the perfect place for coffee or a bite to eat, any time of the day. Fresh baked goods, delicious sandwiches all in a trendy cafe where you can sit and get some work done or run in quickly for a grab and go.

Leonhard's Cafe and Bakery Best Coffee Shops Charlottetown PEI

2. Leonhard’s Café and Bakery

I almost walked right past Leonhard’s until I looked inside the window. People were sitting on comfy chairs and on benches along the window and beyond them I saw a bakery display. Great George Street in Charlottetown has three coffee shops practically side by side. Leonhard’s was right in the middle. The moment I walked inside, I had this feeling like this is my kinda place. It had an upscale vibe, with fresh flowers on the tables. White walls, hardwood floors and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I grabbed a lounge chair and ordered breakfast.

A yummy Croissant, a great cup of coffee, a comfy lounge chair and really friendly staff. The kind that just sat on the edge of a sofa and just hung out with you. Even the patrons were friendly and came over to say Hi when they learned I was a traveller from Toronto. Then my waitress informed me of the café’s speciality, and I decided I had to try… in the name of coffee shop research of course.

Vanilla Roll Best Coffee Shops Charlottetown PEI

The vanilla roll looks like it’s a rich dessert, but it was light and airy. Not as sweet as I thought it was going to be too. If you happen to be in Charlottetown and up for a little treat, this is your place.

Kettle Black Best Coffee Shops Charlottetown PEI

3. Kettle Black Coffee

When a coffee shop has a happy hour, I have to investigate. Kettle Black Coffee is a trendy little shop where like the Receiver’s Cafe above you can hang out and become part of the furniture. Each morning, they even have $1 happy hour where you can get any sized brewed coffee for a buck. There is no patio here, but if you are looking for a great place to hang out and grab a cup of coffee, a bite to eat or a sweet treat, you won’t be disappointed here.

Beanz Best Coffee Shops Charlottetown PEI

4. Beanz Espresso Bar and Café

Sometimes it’s not about fancy lunch menus, pastries and baked goods but it is just all about the coffee! This laid back coffee shop located right next door to Leonhard’s Cafe on Great George street is exactly that. You can grab a table by the window, a booth or sit at one of the tables and open up your laptop, read a book and enjoy what you came to enjoy, a good cup of coffee. This is the simplicity of Beanz Espresso Bar & Café and I had to include it on my best of Charlottetown coffee shops list.

5. Casa Mia Café

This little eatery had a patio out front and had old Deli vibe. It is a casual place to sit and eat breakfast and grab a cup of joe and a great place to stop in for a sandwich. What I loved about it is they make you feel right at home. They serve Milano coffee, which is roasted in Canada and fits in with their Italian focus. They also had homemade desserts to choose from, and you can grab a booth inside or outside if you are lucky enough to get a spot on the patio.


For a small city it left quite a trail of coffee shops. In this post, we look at the Best Coffee Shops Charlottetown PEI | Coffee | Coffee Shops | PEI | Canada |


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  2. Nice review of the Coffee Shops in Charlottetown…..however, I have just a couple of notes in case visitors to Charlottetown go looking for these wonderful places. The street you noted in the opening of your blog is actually called “Great George Street”, and the population of Charlottetown is quite a bit less than 100,000 as stated. According to the 2016 Census, Charlottetown’s population is 44,739 and the provincial population is 142,907.

    I’d like to read your review of our restaurants. That would be a difficult task, as we are known as Food Island, with so many incredible restaurants, with talented Chefs serving unbelievable menu items.

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