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This is What a Luxury Winter Escape Looks Like at Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix


For many of us, a picture tells us a story about what we can expect from an experience. For me when I hear the words “you will be staying at Le Germain Hotel” I know I’m in for a luxury stay at an impressive boutique hotel. Le Germain hotels are known for their boutique, modern style and their commitment to luxury and Hotel Le Germain Charlevoix, while it may have its unique style for this luxury brand, will not disappoint.

This is what a luxury winter escape looks like at Hotel Germain Charlevoix.

Front entrance of Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix in winter

Hotel Le Germain Charlevoix

Located in the village of Baie-Saint-Paul on the shores of the St. Lawrence River, Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix is a short one hour and fifteen-minute drive from Quebec City.

Hotel History

From the outside, the hotel looks like an industrial building, but as ou get closer to it, the rustic details start to shine through. Don’t let the modern design and decor fool you; this hotel has a history, one built on the community it inhabits and the founder who envisioned it.

Historical model of farm once located on land where Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix now sits.

The original dream was to incorporate this historical barn building into the new hotel structure. Unfortunately, a massive fire burned all buildings on the property but one.

Daniel Gauthier, known for starting Cirque de Soleil in this tiny village was undeterred and decided to structure the design of the hotel around the buildings that once sat on this properly. There are five complexes with a variety of different types of rooms.

The inside square of the Clos Building at Hotel Germain Charlevoix

My Room in Le Clos Building

Le Clos was once the animal enclosure which housed the farm’s cattle and other animals. Now it’s a modern building with a massive outdoor square in the middle. In the summers they have musicians and other gatherings here, but in the winter it was just an empty space with a lot of snow inside.

View of bed in Le Clos bedroom Hotel Germain Charlevoix

One of the things that came instantly to mind at Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix was its unique style. The brand normally has a distinct sleek modern design to each room, and here at the Charlevoix location, there are some different styles to each suite.

Luxury Winter Escape in Charlevoix Quebec-le Germain Hotel

The rooms in my building included a large bed with rustic wood details, a cushioned seating area and a bathroom.

Only chair and sitting spot in Le Clos building hotel rooms of Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix

One disappointment I had about this room was this sitting area. Yes, there was a desk/table I could move around, but as soon as I sat here, the cushions moved. It was not the most comfortable spot to sit and read or work and unfortunately it was the only place in the room other than the bed to sit. A couch or lounge chair would have been better.

This is What a Luxury Winter Escape Looks Like at Hotel Germain Charlevoix. Modern rooms with rustic touches of wood and iron amongst a resort hotel that features an outdoor thermal spa, gourmet dining and lots of fun winter activities. | Quebec | Charlevoix | Winter Escape | Gourmet Dining | Luxury Hotel | Luxury Spa | Thermal Spa | Canada |

Bathroom with Heated Floors

The bathroom had heated floors from the glass shower enclosure right into the small room with the toilet. Robes for the spa and lots of fresh towels were available. Some of the rooms had tubs in them, and others had this glass shower enclosure. When booking you can request a room with your preference.

The toiletries provided were in glass bottles along the wall. I had to ask about these as my bottles in the shower were missing their labels which show you which part of the body to use them.

main storage unit in room at Germain Charlevoix

There are two drawers located under the bed; the storage closet was the only other storage unit in the room. A few hangers and the Nespresso coffee machine and safe. Below this unit, a sliding table came out which was ideal for storing luggage.

You can read more reviews on Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix on TripAdvisor.

Gathering area and quiet escapes on second floor of Le Clos Building Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix

Le Clos Building Secret Second Floor Escapes

I was on the ground floor of the square building and happy to have been told about the second-floor hangout spots. Some places looked more relaxing with chairs and loungers while others like this one above were perfect for a group to gather and enjoy a card game.

I have to say that the hotel was quite busy during my stay and despite all the people it was super quiet near my room. I was quite impressed by how quiet and relaxing it was when looking around at all the other guests.

Outdoor thermal spa pools at sunrise at Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix Quebec

Le Germain Charlevoix Spa de Verger

I snapped this picture of the outdoor thermal spa pools just after sunrise before the spa opened. The walkways were heated, and there were two outdoor heated pools and one cold dipping pool. Inside the spa complex was a Eucalyptus steam room a Finnish sauna and a quiet room for relaxing.

Outside the main building of Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix

Germain Charlevoix Main Building

Inside the main building of the hotel was where most of the people congregated. The Lobby was decked out with cute winter touches and a lavish industrial light display.

Lobby winter escape at Hotel Germain Charlevoix Quebec

There are two dining rooms at Le Germain Charlevoix the lobby lounge known as Le Bercail was a cozy spot with lounge chairs and a fireplace that served up pizzas from its gourmet pizza oven. I’m a bit bummed I didn’t get to grab a bite here, but I was running around Charlevoix during the days.

Lobby restaurant and lounge hotel Germain Charlevoix

Another happening event I missed during my weekend stay was the nightly scene at the bar located on the ground floor of the main building.

Bar at main building hotel Germain Charlevoix

Les Labours Restaurant (Breakfast and Dinner)

We had the buffet breakfast at the second-floor restaurant both days of our stay at Le Germain.

breakfast at Main restaurant in Hotel Germain Charlevoix

Les Labours Restaurant Buffet Breakfasts

Buffet breakfasts and Sunday brunch were a treat and included fresh pressed juices, pastries, bacon, eggs and bread. Also, an assortment of yoghurts, cheeses and fruits were lined up each morning. On Sunday there were, even more, selections with some hot plates and even more delicious pastries.

Appetizer Organic Pork Belly with Brussel Sprouts Hotel Germain Charlevoix

Les Labours Restaurant Fine Dining Dinner

For dinner, the Chef prepared us a special menu with wine pairings. The above was a Pork Belly appetizer with Brussel Sprouts over a Turnip purée.

Duck breast with grilled vegetables Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix

With each sip of wine, the explosion of flavours overwhelmed me with yummy goodness. A perfect balance of notes and instruments in this chef’s inspired symphony. With each course and each wine pairing came a new explosion of flavours right through to dessert.

Poached pear stuffed with sheep cheese hotel germain charlevoix dinner

For dessert he served a poached pear stuffed with sheep cheese and a Poire Williams ice cream that had a unique texture of any ice cream I’ve ever had. His use of local ingredients has me wondering what would this experience be like during harvest time when this agricultural community is producing its best produce? I’m sensing a trip back to Le Germain Charlevoix just to find out.

Outdoor Firepit at hotel le germain charlevoix

Other Fun Activities at Le Germain Charlevoix

Smores by the fire! Each night the staff at the Germain started a fire in the pit and laid little kits for making smores while sitting and enjoying the fire. There was also a great ice rink in the central courtyard of the main building, but we had a winter warm up that weekend, and they closed it due to poor conditions.

Smores kit sit in snow outside the main building and fire pit at Hotel Germain Charlevoix

Tips for a pleasant stay at Hotel Germain Charlevoix

Tips for a Better Stay at Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix

  • Pack flip flops if you plan on going to the spa as they are mandatory. The spa staff will force you to buy a pair if you don’t have any.
  • Keep your boots and shoes on the mat outside your room. There isn’t really a spot for them inside your room.
  • Pack slippers to wear inside your room, there are no carpets just hardwood floor.
  • When booking ask for a room with a tub vs. a shower if this is important to you.
  • When booking ask for a room with a refrigerator if needed as not all rooms have one.

Planning Your Luxury Winter Escape in Charlevoix Quebec?

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This is What a Luxury Winter Escape Looks Like at Hotel Germain Charlevoix. Modern rooms with rustic touches of wood and iron amongst a resort hotel that features an outdoor thermal spa, gourmet dining and lots of fun winter activities. | Quebec | Charlevoix | Winter Escape | Gourmet Dining | Luxury Hotel | Luxury Spa | Thermal Spa | Canada |

Travel assistance provided by Tourism Quebec and Tourism Charlevoix however, the opinions expressed are my own. 

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