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Stylish Winter Packing List – 7 Days

Travelling in the winter months can produce some packing challenges. When visiting winter destinations where you are required to have a little style mixed with day-to-day sightseeing a varied mix and match wardrobe is best.

7 Day Winter Packing List

When mixing and matching your clothes, you don’t have to compromise on style and colour. Choose complimentary winter tones and items you can comfortably dress up or down.

Outerwear - 7-day Winter packing list

Winter Outerwear to Pack

Packing the right outerwear goes without saying, but you need a warm coat, scarf, mittens or gloves and hat. Your shoes and boots are likely to take up most of your luggage space so choose wisely. I suggest a pair of waterproof day-to-day boots, a more elegant (but still comfortable) pair of knee-high boots that you can wear with skirts and dresses and for special events pack a pair of heels. You can always take off your boots and wear the heels to a club or dinner.

Essentials 7-day Winter packing list

The Essentials

Pack warm socks and don’t forget a pair of tights. The hose can be worn with dresses and skirts but can also be an added layer on extra cold days. Make sure your lingerie items work with both your casual and evening wear.

Tops 7-day Winter stylish packing list


Your shirts can be made up of long sleeve t-shirts and sweaters, and these items are where you can play with colours. Pick complementary colours that can be worn both with your jeans and your black pants or dress skirts. Add in one stylish top and consider a dress for special occasions or business meetings.

Bottoms: 7-day winter stylish packing lsit


One pair of jeans and one pair of black pants should cover it, mix with a couple of leggings or yoga pants and mix and match with your tops. If the leggings or yoga pants are thin, enough you can also use these as thermal underwear on frigid days.

Winter Packing Tips

  • Wear the heavier and bulkier items of clothing on the plane.
  • Pack scarves to dress up your outfit. Soft infinity scarves can be worn many ways and spruce up any outfit.
  • Think about layering items in your wardrobe, long sleeve t-shirts can be worn with sweaters and leggings can double for thermal underwear.
  • Pack boots vs shoes when possible. Even for special events or evening attire, knee-high boots are better than shoes. Wear the knee-highs on the plane and pack a smaller pair of waterproof boots for day-to-day walking activities.

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Packing for the winter does not have to be difficult. Pack clothes with two things in mind mix and matching and layering. Complimentary colours and items that can be dressed up or down will make packing for winter vacations in the city a breeze.
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  1. Hello Sharon. I came across your post as I was searching for packing tips for a week in Toronto in March. Can you tell me the source of the purse? I have been looking for the largest black purse for travel as I too travel with carry on only, when possible. I like your choices!! Thanks


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