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stojo Collapsible Cup Review. Spill-proof travel coffee cup.


For me carrying around a bulky travel mug all day that leaks into my backpack or camera bag are super annoying. I have been on the lookout for the right solution, and I think I’ve found the perfect collapsible travel mug.

Stojo Spill Proof Collapsible Travel Cup Review

stojo Coffee Cup Changing How You Use a Travel Mug

For a travel writer on the go, grabbing that last cup of joe from my hotel room or breakfast means using a tiny disposable cup or carrying around a big travel mug. On my recent trip to Cuba, I tested out this stojo collapsible coffee cup.

close up of collapsed stojo coffee cup in backpack pocket

The collapsible stojo pocket cup takes up no room at all and fits into most small bag compartments. This mug flattens out and can fit into most small purses, backpacks or laptop bags. Just close the silicone lid shut and there are no drips.

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stojo coffee cup on bus looking out window in tropical destination

The stojo Travel Cup Details

  • 12 oz or 16 oz cup
  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • food grade silicone cup
  • plastic lid and sleeve
  • made from recyclable material

I have to say when I filled my first cup of coffee I was a bit concerned. The silicone bottom is squishy and takes getting used to, especially when closing the lid after you have filled the cup. Making sure the lid is sealed shut without squishing the cup too hard was a bit tricky at first.

Colours Stojo Spill Proof Collapsible Travel Cup Review

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Once you get used to this, then it is smooth sailing. The sleeve doesn’t stay on the cup on its own. However, it is perfect for when you are holding the cup on the go. Otherwise, you don’t need the sleeve, other than to seal the collapsed version of the stojo coffee cup.

stojo pocket cup in cup holder on beach chair with ocean in background

Now I use my stojo travel cup all the time. In fact, I replaced my bulky Starbucks reusable cup with this one as I can always keep it in my purse. I just wish they made a bigger version because sometimes 12 oz coffees are just not enough!

NEW SIZE! Stojo heard our prayers and now they have a 16 oz version of their collapsable cup. this comes with a straw as well for cold drinks.

The stojo Coffee Cup Pros

  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Very compact
  • Good seal making it leak-proof both when expanded and collapsed

The stojo Pocket Cup Cons

  • Sleeve slips off if not held
  • Silicone is soft if the cup is squeezed liquid will spill out
  • Squishy feeling takes getting used to
  • The lid can be hard to close when the cup is filled (due to squishy bottom)

For more information visit the stojo website here. For more travel gear ideas see:

pin image with sotho collapsible cup text over person holding cup in tropical setting

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I was not financially compensated for this post. I purchased my own cup.

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  1. Hi there, can I use it along with an aeropress..?
    Or does it collapse when I put a minimum amount of pressure when brewing with an aeropress..?

    • I wouldn’t recommend it as pushing down on the silicone cup could cause it to collapse when it is full. I find just screwing on the lid I felt the cup wobble and too much pressure would have caused it to bend and then push the coffee out.


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