Viamede Resort Gets Better With Age

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Looking Good! Ok, So They’ve Had a Bit of Work Done!

Last summer I ventured up to the Kawartha region in Ontario, for the first time. I drove through a “War of the Worlds” type thunderstorm clutching the steering wheel tightly as I dodged lightening rods shooting out of the sky as I tried to see through the buckets of rain that poured down my windshield. I prayed the whole way up to the resort, and when I finally arrived, I thought, “Hmm they need more lighting around this place.” I quickly realised that the region was hit by one of the worst storms of the season and suffered a major power outage. “Duh!” But at the Viamede resort, the show went on even by candlelight! –see the original post here.

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What’s New at Viamede Resort Ontario

This year I was invited back to a media preview event to see what they had been up to all winter. There were lots of rumours at the other Ontario resorts I visited over the winter, everyone was curious about what was going on, but all anyone knew was that the Viamede Resort shut down for the winter season. What a shame since it was such an amazing winter (for those in the winter in Ontario business, not for those wishing they were on a beach), but when the snow melted and Lake came out of its deep freeze a new and improved Viamede Resort was in view. It was already, one of Ontario’s Finest Inns, but now the Viamede solidifies its’ spot among the best of Ontario!

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_main building

The most obvious change at the resort are the lovely new red roofs on the main building and nearly all the cottages; then as we toured the property and ate in the restaurant, I started to see more of the amazing renovation. There were subtle changes like the amazing new windows in the 1885 restaurant which show off a magnificent view of the lake, while other renovations were more obvious like the new matching furniture inside the cottages, the new hardwood floors, new appliances and new windows!

Last year we didn’t even see the Inn at Mount Julian due to the power outage, but on a hill next to the Viamede’s main building is this amazing resort which was built in 1874 and later acquired by the Viamede. This year I was delighted to hear we were placed in a small one bedroom cottage that sat on Mount Julian next to the historic buildings.

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_One bedroom cottage on hill

Inside the cottage, was a large and cosy King size bed, armoire with flat TV Screen, a desk (strategically sitting in front of the window with a view of the main resort and the lake), two arm chairs, a small refrigerator and microwave oven. There was a closet in the main entrance for hanging clothes, and drawers in the Armoire for everything else. A perfect cosy cottage for two – or one travel writer who can see herself going up there again to get some work done! New furniture, fluffy bedding and towels and even a newly renovated bathroom! Once again, the highlight for me was the cottage patio, facing Stoney Lake with two Algonquin Chairs and a BBQ.

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_one bedroom cottage

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_one bedroom cottage patio

You might be thinking why they would put a BBQ on the patio of a small one bedroom cottage without a full kitchen? However, at Viamede they take care of all these details so you don’t have to! You can order a BBQ basket, choose your veggies, meat, dessert and they will marinate the meat, prepare everything for you, with all the fixings and deliver it to your cottage. You enjoy the BBQ; then you put all the dirty dishes into the basket, and they take everything away!

Restaurants at Viamede

If you don’t want to cook while your visiting the resort, no worries, Chef McKenna has joined the team at Viamede this summer to continue offering a range of restaurant experiences.

1885 Restaurant

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_restaurant 1885 view

Breakfast Buffet

One great feature at the Viamede is breakfast is included with every room. So you enjoy either a continental breakfast on quiet days (usually during the week) or full breakfast spread, with eggs, bacon, sausages, pancakes, fruit, pastries and fresh bread. There is also fresh squeezed juice, cheese, cereal and yoghurt.

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_restaurant 1885_breakfast

Dinner (Reservations Recommended)

There is something available for everyone at the 1885 restaurant for dinner. The menu includes Homemade soup, assorted salad, salmon cakes, and baked brie appetisers. For your main course, you can enjoy steak and potatoes, mac & cheese, grilled pork, a chicken pot pie or Rainbow trout. What would dinner be without dessert? Treat yourself to some Homemade Apple Crumble, Strawberry Shortcake or an S’mores Mousse.

The Boathouse Pub

During the day and in the evening you can enjoy some pub food on the patio or inside the Boathouse Pub. The staff has cold drinks ready for you, and the menu includes poutine, wings, fish and chips, burgers and other sandwiches. In the evening, enjoy some entertainment at the pub, including Karaoke or live performances.

The Inn at Mount Julian

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_Inn Mt Julian

Built in 1847 the Inn at Mount Julian gives you a fine dining experience at the cottage. If you are at the Viamede for a special occasion, you can have an amazing dinner on Mount Julian with a great view of Stoney Lake.

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_Restaurant Inn at Mt Julian_view

Lots to do at Viamede Resort Ontario

If you are the more adventurous type or enjoy keeping busy with activities, then worry not, the staff at the boathouse will be happy to set you up with a kayak, canoe or paddle board. You can take a boat tour of Stoney Lake, relax on the beach or by the pool or watch the kids in the Viamede playground.

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_watersports

Hiking Trails

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_flowers on hiking trail

This year (with my new found healthy outlook) I packed my Sketchers and ventured out on the hiking trails for some fresh air and exercise. It was a perfect time of the year, not to hot and no mosquitoes. We decided to find Mount Julian lookout and all along the way; we got to enjoy the new buds blooming all around. The trees were just starting to show their buds and made it easy to walk the trails (which we did totally on purpose) because we could get our bearings easily by spotting the lake through the empty trees. Eventually, we found the trail again and the lookout at Mount Julian and couldn’t stop taking pictures of the lovely Trillium flower blooming all around us.

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_trail1

The Viamede Resort Farm

All the animals had not yet arrived at the farm, but we did get to watch the feeding of the pigs and got to meet a few of them up close and personal. This is a unique experience at Viamede, every day you can head down to the farm and watch the staff feed the animals. The kids love it and can’t get enough of those pigs!

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_farm_pigs

Why I love the Viamede Resort Ontario

Viamede Resort_2014_Kawarthas_loons

There is nothing quite like a quiet weekend getaway at the cottage! The sounds of birds in the trees, little chipmunks surprising you in the dry leaves on the ground, loons floating in the water and nothing but fresh air and sounds of nature. The next time my girlfriends say – we should rent a cottage for the weekend I have a great place to recommend. If we split the cost of the cottage rental between us, it really is a bargain. For one we don’t have to worry about breakfast! We can hang out at the cottage and enjoy a BBQ, head out to the pub for some fun and cold drinks, enjoy water sports, swim in the lake or the pool, take a walk through the many hiking trails around the resort or just sit on the deck in our Algonquin chairs and do absolutely nothing. If we want to pamper ourselves the resort has a great spa, so we can get a massage, get our nails done, dress up and enjoy a beautiful fine dining restaurant overlooking the lake. It has just the right amount of glamour and warm cottage living to make me (the glamping girl kind) very happy! Can’t wait to go back!

We were invited guests of the Viamede Resort, but as always the opinions in this review are my own.

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