Travel Dreams – Musha Cay – The Magical Islands of Copperfield Bay

Every one of us has one of that dream locations that we saw in some magazine or on TV and just fell in love. I used to think these places were unachievable but now I have new faith in my dreams Musha Cay and the Islands of Copperfield Bay is my ultimate dream vacation.

When David Copperfield bought this chain of islands back in 2006, he didn’t just rest there but took work ethic for creating magic to a whole new level. Paradise! He said, “When I acquired these islands a few years ago, I made a personal commitment to transforming an already perfect place into the most magical vacation destination in the world. Everything truly magical that I’ve ever experienced, everything that has created wonder for me has been re-created at the Islands of Copperfield Bay.”

He wasn’t kidding either. David spent over $50 million to renovate and transform the 11 islands into his version of a perfect intimate paradise. So here are all the details!

Musha Cay The Islands of Copperfield Bay

Your Own Ultimate Island Paradise

Location: Exuma Cays, Bahamas, Caribbean
Accommodations: 12 Bedrooms, 13.5 Bathrooms, Beachfront, PoolPhoto Sources: Musha Cay

Musha Cay Resort at Copperfield Bay is located on this strip of private islands just 85 miles south-east of Nassau, off of the Exuma Cays in the Bahamas. It is one of the most private resorts in the Carribean, whose waters are protected from unidentified travellers. With more than 700 acres of pristine white sand beaches, calm turquoise water and awe-inspiring tropical gardens filled with the best Caribbean flowers, trees and wildlife, this has to be one of the most luxurious vacation properties on the planet.

Ultimate Luxury The Cost of Staying at Musha Cay

The islands are only booked to one patron at a time regardless of how many guests. The nightly rate starting at $37,500 per night with a minimum 4-night booking. If you want your magical island, a romantic getaway for two or a sleepover party for 24 (the maximum occupancy), Musha Cay prides itself on offering its high net worth guests privacy and ultimate luxury.

Copperfield Bay Islands
Photo Source: Musha Cay

The eleven islands each have magical names fitting the world’s greatest illusionist.

  • Imagine Island, the largest of the chain hosts the private landing strip.
  • Musha Cay Island, the second largest where most of the accommodations, dining and private beaches are located.
  • The Isle of Lucy
  • Moon Cay
  • Luck Cay
  • Enchanted island
  • Forbidden Island
  • Isle of Wonder
  • Dov Cay
  • Secret Cay
The main resort Island of Musha Cay
Photo Source: Musha Cay

Musha Cay Islands Accommodations

Guests at Musha Cay have their choice from 5 beach houses each with its very own private beach (or if they choose they can stay at all of them over the course of their stay). David personally picked treasures and collections of antiques and furniture to decorate each beach house in a style and elegance that only he could see the dream up. Each room is a page out of a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous magazine.

Highview Villa at Musha Cay
Photo Source: Musha Cay


This 10,000-square-foot, the two-bedroom main house is located on the crest of a hill on the main island. Here you will get a 360-degree view of Musha Cay’s beauty first hand. The exotic living room is decorated with antique furnishings and creates an indoor tropical escape. The Highview also hosts a private sauna, two kitchens and around the 10,000 square foot home are beautiful porches for lounging in the sun or shade. Just a short walk down the hill lies Highview’s private beach.

  • Bedroom 1 – Master – King size bed, Ensuite bathroom, Air conditioning
  • Bedroom 2 – King size bed, En-suite bathroom
  • Living room, hidden loft, steam room, outdoor fireplace and a private beach.
Living Room - Highview House
Photo Source: Musha Cay
Pier House Villa at Musha Cay Resort
Photo Source: Musha Cay

Pier House

A 3,200-square-foot, two-bedroom beach house with large living room and dining room. The house’s front door opens onto a luxurious shaded porch and a private pier that runs straight into the bay.

Pier House Livingroom
Photo Source: Musha Cay
  • Bedroom 3 – Master – King size bed, En-suite bathroom, Air conditioning
  • Bedroom 4 – King size bed
Pier House Bedroom
Photo Source: Musha Cay

Blue Point

Blue Point Beach House
Photo Source: Musha Cay

Another spacious 3,200-square-foot, two-bedroom beach house that sits on a rocky perch with a short walk to its private beach. The house is encircled with a wrap-around shaded porch and inside hosts another large living and dining area.

  • Bedroom 5 – Master – King size bed, En-suite bathroom, Air conditioning
  • Bedroom 6 – King size bed

Palm Terrace

Photo Source: Musha Cay

This is 4,500-square-foot, five-bedroom beach house great for families that boasts two large master suites and additional bedrooms on the main floor. It also boasts a wrap around shaded porch, its private beach and an additional patio for entertaining.

  • Bedroom 7 – Master – King size bed, En-suite bathroom, Air conditioning
  • Bedroom 8 – King size bed
  • Bedroom 9 – 2 Twin beds
  • Bedroom 10 – King size bed
  • Bedroom 11 – Queen size bed
Palm Terrace Living Room
Photo Source: Musha Cay

Beach House

Beach House
Photo Source: Musha Cay

The last of the accommodations is a thatched roof cottage located in a secluded area on the island with its private crescent shaped beach. This one-bedroom beach cottage has a magnificent open-air living room and bathroom and is just steps from the beach.

Beach House Outdoor Bath
Photo Source: Musha Cay

Bedroom 12 – King size bed


The 30 staff members of Musha Cay are there to ensure every expectation of its guests is met. A private chef is there to accommodate any dining preferences, and the resort has no official dining lounge. In fact, guests can customise their dining experiences at a variety of locations around the resort. If these are not enough, then guests can plan some private excursions to any of the beaches on any of the islands in Copperfield Bay.

The Landings

The most popular spot for guests of Musha Cay to dine is the Landings. A beautiful cottage surrounded by glass windows and amazing views of the water. The Landings also boasts a fun game room and karaoke theatre.

The Balinese Dining Pavilion

Dining Pavilion
Photo Source: Musha Cay

This exotic open-air dining pavilion allows you to enjoy your meal with the sounds and smells of the island getaway. With billowing white fabric curtains, a magnificent view of the ocean this location is perfect for any gala dinner, executive meeting or banquet.

The Dock

Dinner at the Dock
Photo Source: Musha Cay

A table is set up on the dock located by the main dining area The Landings. Imagine sitting under a million stars as you enjoy spectacular dinner with friends over the ocean while soft candles flicker around you. The pictures say it all.

The Beach

Photo Source: Musha Cay

Imagine a beautifully set dining room table situated on the white sands of Coconut Beach, located near Dave’s Drive-in. This will take Dinner and a Movie to a whole new level. Enjoy a romantic dinner on the beach catered by a personal chef and then make your way over to Dave’s Drive and lounge in a comfortable lounge, while staff ensure the popcorn and junior mints keep flowing throughout the movie.

The Sand Bar

Photo Source: Musha Cay

A specialised amphibious boat will take you to the 2 mile stretch of white sand that appears in Copperfield’s magical style during low tides. A true Copperfield illusion, the white sand bar magically appears from beneath the waters. While you stroll on the endless stretch of sand, the staff, will set up a picnic lunch for you to enjoy the crystal turquoise waters surrounding you. Just as this mirage drifts back into the sea, you will be whisked away in a short 2-minute boat ride back to your beach house.

Photo Source: Musha Cay

Dining Escapes

With 11 islands at their disposal, Musha Cay’s staff are happy to set up your private dining experience pretty much anywhere you want on the resort. They have a fleet of boats and would be happy to take you to any of the 40 private beaches to create an ultimate dining escape customised to your specifications.


Photo Source: Musha Cay

There is much to do around the resort if you choose. The Landings is the hub of Musha Cay’s activities, with a central dining room and bar, SAT TV, lounge, meeting area and a billiard room overlooking the exceptionally beautiful water and spectacular sunsets. You can enjoy a cleansing steam at the Highview steam room, enjoy a book, movie or listen to music in one of the many living rooms around the island. For those interested in more active things to do, the staff offers tours on the Copperfield fleet of boats to take you around the islands, deep-sea fishing, sailing, wind surfing, jet skis, snorkelling, scuba diving and shelling. Of course, there is also a tennis court, many jogging and nature paths and a full gym.


Musha_Cay_at_Copperfield_Bay_Bahamas_houdini_games room
Photo Source: Musha Cay


If all the features above are not enough, then Copperfield Bay has some Island adventures which you and your guests can participate in.

Dave’s Drive-in

Dave's Drive-in Copperfield Bay
Photo Source: Musha Cay

Coconut Beach is the host of a state-of-the-art enormous outdoor Movie theatre. Under the spectacular view of the stars and the fresh ocean air, you can enjoy a night at the movies, resting in comfortable loungers with unlimited popcorn and candy to munch on while you watch.

The Treasure of Copperfield Bay

What would a Caribbean island escape be without a little fun treasure hunt with some of the Pirates of the Caribbean? Of course, David and his team have created a magical adventure (written and scored by David Copperfield himself) to take you through some hidden island locations including caves, beaches for a three-hour treasure hunt.

Photo Source: Musha Cay

The Secret Village

A visit to a land of the friendliest and most adorable monkeys awaits you at a secret location on Masha Cay. Tour the islands hidden walkways and jungle forest with these lovely creatures surrounding your every move. A series of statues and exotic foliage will take you away into another land of which you will have to find the hidden staircase to get back out to Paradise.

We all have dreams, mine is to stay at the amazing luxury resort known as Musha Cay, The Islands of Copperfield Bay. Dreams, magic and imagination built this island and we can't think of a better dream for our Dream Travel Magazine.
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Magic, Imagination and Dreams are the Inspiration Behind the Islands of Copperfield Bay Paradise

In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, David was asked about the magic behind the magic, and this is what he said. “Magic is a need. We all possess the need to dream. Einstein talks about it; Mark Twain talks about it. Dreams are illusions, and we can’t let go of them because we would be dead. That is why we go to the movies. We want to think about another world. Magic is the simplest kind of primal escape. We take Mother Nature and turn it upside down to be able to dream about something that doesn’t exist. That is what draws us to it, and that is what makes me want to do more and more of it because it allows me to take people on an amazing journey, and that is what I try to do.” (Las Vegas Sun, June 5, 2011)

For more information visit the Copperfield Bay resort’s main site here.



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