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Top 10 Things to Do at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair 2017

An annual tradition in Toronto, The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, runs from November 3-12 2017 at Exhibition Place. This year like every year the Royal is packed with fun, food and agriculture for the whole family. In this list, I put together ten things you don’t want to miss at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

Must See at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto

horse jumper jumps barrier during competition at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

1. See a Horse Jumping Competition

The Royal Horse Show tickets include admission to the fair. For just $7 more than a regular admission ticket to the fair, you can have a seat in the Coliseum and catch exciting horse jumping competitions.

Youth entrants at goat competition steady their goats in lineup to be judged at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

2. Catch an Agricultural Competition

In each of the main animal barns (cattle, goat & sheep and horse) there are mini competition rings for animal judging. From children to adults, owners bring their animals to the ring and are judged on their handling ability, the animal’s grooming and more. There are lots of stands around these mini competition rings where you can sit and watch the various competitions.

Giant Pumpkins on display at RAWF Toronto

3. See the Giant Pumpkins

The giant pumpkin display was a popular exhibit at the Royal. Children and adults were all gasping at these mammoth sized pumpkin prize winners.

Kiosk with yummy fair foods like fudge, cotton candy and nuts on display at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

4. Enjoy Fair Favourite Foods

There are more food vendors than I can list in this post, but needless to say, you won’t be disappointed in the variety. From fresh fudge, candy and nuts to local food gourmet samples and products there is more than enough to discover at the Royal.

apple dumplings being made at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

Hot Apple Dumplings

The staff in this booth could not make these fast enough. A whole apple cored and put on the pastery dough, covered in brown sugar and more secret ingredients and then baked right before your eyes. This is a fair favourite so be ready to stand in the long but quickly moving line.

Apple Dumplings Hot out of the oven at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

As they come out of the oven, you have the choice of eating it plain for $6 or going for the works which are served with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream and butterscotch sauce for $9.

shop for western wear cowboy boots on display at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

5. Shop for Western Wear and More

If you’re are looking for some cowboy gear then The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair will not disappoint. From cowboy boots and hats to home goods there are lots of fun shopping booths and exhibitors at the fair. Check out the Cheese sampling, and other food merchants in the hall many of them have some fantastic fair prices and deals available while products last.

Royal Court Restaurant at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

6. Have a Fancy Dinner

The Royal Court Restaurant is set up in the marketplace area and features a beautiful dining atmosphere right in the middle of the fair. I missed the opportunity to attend high tea which is served daily between 10:30 and 3:30. Catered by the Liberty Entertainment Group it’s a great place to sit down and grab a delicious meal made with local ingredients.

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Toronto 2017-3

7. Grab a Drink and Enjoy some Live Music

Grab a seat and enjoy a drink at one of the many pubs and restaurant on site.

Baby sheep look up in their pens at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Toronto 2017-15

8. Browse the Animal Barns

Sheep and Goat pens let you see the animals, but there is no touching or feeding. This is not a petting zoo, but animals were waiting their turn for competitions. Watch your step in this area there might be some surprises remaining on the floor.

Coming face to face with a large white cow at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

I came face to face with this beautiful cow while walking through the cattle barns. Some were more interested in getting their photos taken than others. Here you will see the owners vacuuming the cows’ fur and getting them ready for competition.

clydesdale horses lined up for judging in horse barn area a large white cow at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto 2016

The Horse barn is out of the way next to the main coliseum stage. Inside you can browse through the horse barns and watch their owners prepare and groom the horses before the competition. There is also a small horse competition ring here, and I was fortunate to attend one of my favourite competitions the Clydesdale horses. These junior handlers had to run with their large friends and keep them standing in line as judgest picked their winners.


9. See a Food Demo or Competition at the Food & Lifestyle Stage

Throughout the Royal Fair, Chefs are competing and participating in many food demonstrations on the Food & Lifestyle stage. This year I watched the International Invitational Chef Challenge where Houston Chef Jeff Taylor (featured above) competed in the competition. I got to sample his creations for the competition and let’s just say I’m already planning my next trip to Houston and it includes stop at his restaurant Steak 48. Be sure to grab a glass of wine, cider or beer in the stage area while enjoying the show. The food stage is a great place to sit and take a break at the fair.

Butter Sculpture Competition RWAF

10. See the Butter Sculptures

A favourite of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the annual butter-sculpting competition. Competitors carve marvellous creations entirely out of butter, and they are displayed in refrigerator cases.

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Toronto 2017-58

Tips for Attending the Royal Agricultural Fair

You can visit The Royal Agricultural Fair website for details, schedules and more details.

  • Where grubby shoes and watch where you step. Especially in barn areas as animals are being moved from their pens to the competition area and well sometimes they have little accidents. Must be nerves.
  • Bring a bottle of water – there are no filling stations, but buying drinks at the fair will run you $3+ per bottle.
  • Divide and conquer – main marketplace, cattle barns, sheep barns, Royal Horse Show and Horse Barns. Plan time in each section and be mindful of scheduled events
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Media passes for The Royal Agricultural Fair were provided, but as always the views expressed in this post are my own.


  1. The Northern Ontario Pavilion at The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is a must see check out the northern cuisine while you’re there.


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