Roam Mobility – Finally! Affordable Roaming in the US and Mexico for Canadians

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As a travel writer, there is nothing more frustrating than having to look for a wi-fi spot to post something, check emails or stay on top of your social media followers while on the road. I know I’m not the only one trying to stay connected on my vacations and business trips either! So when you call up your cell phone providers and learn that you have to pay $7.99 for a mere 50MB of data (which if you’ve tried lasts for about an hour) you shake your head and start looking up Starbucks locations you could hit while you are away. When I heard about Roam Mobility and how they offer affordable Roaming in the United States, I did a little dance and decided to check it out!

Roaming in the United States is Affordable!

My first experience with Roam Mobility was on a recent trip to Michigan when my fellow travel writer Mary from Calculated Traveller lent me her Liberty Hotspot. For less than $5/day I had unlimited data, and all I had to do was turn on the hotspot, punch in a password in my phone, and I was up and running. Not only could I connect my phone, but I could connect my laptop and tablet too!

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I was shocked as I was in a very rural part of Michigan, so being able to turn on the hotspot and get emails, send Instagram pics while on the tour bus was a pretty awesome perk. Sure there were areas where the signal was weak – primarily on the farms, but as soon as we drove into even the small rural cities and towns, I was able to pick up a signal and get online.

The Liberty hotspot is an excellent option if you need to connect multiple devices to a data only plan while you are travelling to the U.S., however, there is another way – inserting a SIM card into your phone, getting a U.S. phone number and adding talk and texting to your dream roaming package!

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Roaming with my own iPhone – Roam Mobility SIM Card

So with a new unlocked iPhone in my hand, I decided to put Roam Mobility to the test on my next trip to the states in Buffalo. The SIM Card can be purchased on the Roam Mobility website or at a list of Canadian Retailers for $9.95.

The best part of Roam Mobility is that it is so easy to use and set up! I can order my roaming package just a day before my trip rather than worrying about connecting the service after I am in the States. I set up my account, activated the SIM card and picked a roaming package in 3 easy steps!

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My Roam Mobility SIM Card came in the mail. A smart 3-in-1 SIM card that will work with any unlocked phone.

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1. Set Up a Roam Mobility Account – Click Activate SIM, fill-in details.

2. Activate the SIM – Enter the 19 digit number on the back of your Roam Mobility card.

3. Top-Up – purchase a roaming package.

It took less than 10 minutes for the account to be activated and my new phone number to be assigned to me. As I waited for the SIM card to be activated, I browsed the site and figured out which plan I needed for this trip.

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Roam Mobility – The Right U.S. Roaming Plan

One of the great features of Roam Mobility is that they cater to many different clients. You can choose from an assortment of plans which include Text and Data only, Talk and Text only or Talk, Text and Data. Also if you are travelling for a more extended period, you can check out their snowbird plans. If you only want your data while on your trip there are some Data only plans to choose from as well. So you can find the affordable option with the features that you need whatever type of trip you are going to make.

Check the coverage map!!

A word of caution when planning your roaming trip to the U.S. or Mexico make sure you check the Coverage map. Some areas particularly the rural ones may have limited service. Personally, when on my rural trip to Michigan it was nice to get the service I had even when it was very slow and minimal signal, but if you are travelling to the bigger cities in the U.S. and Mexico, you’ll see that they offer great coverage.

For my trip to Buffalo, I chose a full Talk+Text+Data plan. I wanted my contacts in Buffalo to be able to reach me, and I wanted to be able to check in at home in Canada. It was great to be able to send texts North America wide without worry and the data service well I had 400mb a day and never worried about running out. I even ran the google maps navigation throughout most of this trip and doesn’t think I came close to using up my data!

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TOTAL COST: The total cost of two days of unlimited Talk, Text and Data was less than one 24 hour 50mb data only Rogers Roaming offer! Need I say more? I paid $7.90 for virtually an unlimited talk, text and data plan for two full days! Rogers would have charged me $7.99 for 50MB of data (for a 24 hour period) which on my last trip to Buffalo ran out in less than a few hours!

Roam Mobility Now in Mexico

As I was writing this review of Roam Mobility, I got a notification that they have added a new country to their plans. Canadians can now roam affordably in Mexico! The plans are set up for seven days perfect for those all-inclusive winter vacations! I’m sure there will be more exciting developments and plan features are coming soon!

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Have you used Roam Mobility when roaming in the United States? Share your experience in the comments below!

Some of the products in this review were provided by Roam Mobility. However, the opinions in this review are my own.


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