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Review: The Rustic Kitchen Backyard Bar Dallas Texas

When I travel, I love going to restaurants that go the extra mile to source their ingredients from local farmers. During my recent 24 hour trip to Dallas Texas, we stopped at The Rustic Kitchen Backyard Bar. They source their seafood from the Gulf and their beef and dairy ingredients from local ranchers and farmers. Even their beer menu features a full list of local craft beer favourites.

The Rustic Kitchen Backyard Bar Dallas Texas


The moment you walk into the front entrance your senses begin to tingle. This solarium had the most wonderful smell of smoked firewood and inside the place was filled with people.

The backyard at the Rustic in Dallas Texas

We chose to sit inside in the Kitchen part of the restaurant because there was a bit of a wait for the backyard! The place is packed with people enjoying their meals under cover of an umbrella and sitting at many different types of patio furniture from small wooden coffee tables to standard-sized patio sets.

Casual backyard feeling at the Rustic in Dallas Texas

Lessons Learned: The Rustic Kitchen Backyard Bar Dallas Texas

But what you are looking for are all the food shots right? I’m happy to report The Rustic serves up an incredible meal – Texas size! So be warned here come all the food shots and a few lessons about ordering from a Texas menu!

Calf Fries with Buttermilk Dip

Lesson 1: Always ask. If you are too shy to ask: Google it!

The description on the menu was simple “Calf Fries with Buttermilk Dip: if you have to ask …” So what do you do? Do ask what are calf fries or do you just order it because you are in Texas and someone in Fort Worth told you “while you’re visiting the state you have to try Calf Fries!

What are calf fries and what are they made of? Well, I’m glad you asked. I leave you with the Wikipedia description – however, I preface this by saying THESE ARE DELICIOUS! You should try them, and like most weird travel foods – it tastes like chicken! OK so, Calf Fries are also known as Rocky Mountain oysters and are made of bull testicles. The organs are often deep-fried after being peeled, coated in flour, pepper and salt, and pounded flat. (Wikipedia)

Cactus Fritters

Also ordered at our table was the Cactus Fritters appetiser. This beer battered cactus were an interesting taste – deep-fried greens is how I would describe them.

Lesson 2: Remember Everything is Bigger in Texas

My second lesson about ordering food in Texas doesn’t assume because you’ve been in the State for a few days that you know what you are going to get and remember that everything in Texas is bigger — especially when it comes to food! So when I ordered a side dish with my meal called: 4 Napkin Onion-y Rings, I assumed four Texas-sized onion rings as a side dish, but this is what I ended up getting.

4 Napkin Onion-y Rings Side Dish

So what this is if you haven’t done the math yet, is four onions, deep-fried over a lovely dipping sauce.

Gulf Shrimp

For my main, I chose the Gulf Shrimp. This dish included six wood grilled shrimp served with a lovely chipotle pecan sauce, some tortilla shells and coleslaw. Very light citrus flavoured meal, which was the perfect choice given what we ordered for dessert!

Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter

The Peanut Butter dessert was a peanut butter cream pie with a crumb crust, a fudge chocolate layer all drizzled with peanuts and a warm bittersweet chocolate sauce.

We did not catch a musical act during our dinner but be sure to visit their website and check the calendar for the musical acts performing on one of the stages at the Restaurant if you are heading to Dallas. They have some pretty big acts performing there!

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The Rustic Kitchen Backyard Bar is a great place to catch some great music and delicious eats in the comfort a big old backyard.
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I highly recommend a visit to The Rustic Kitchen Backyard Bar if you happen to be visiting the Dallas area. It serves up a big Texas menu, filled with lots of delicious local dishes and beers. I can see myself coming back again during my next visit!



Travel assistance provided by Texas Tourism and the Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau. The opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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