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Discussing travel destinations from Charlevoix Quebec Canada. From the hottest hotels, attractions and road trips through the region here is a selection our favourite Charlevoix, Quebec experiences.

Bed inside Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix Luxury Winter Escape in Charlevoix Quebec

This is What a Luxury Winter Escape Looks Like at Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix

For many of us, a picture tells us a story about what we can expect from an experience. For me when I hear the words "you will be staying at Le...
A Luxury Winter Escape Guide to the Best of Charlevoix Quebec_featured

A Luxury Winter Escape: Guide to the Best of Charlevoix Quebec

I'm learning to embrace winters here in Canada. I used to hibernate until the flowers started blooming again, but now I find myself indulging not only in walks in the snow...

Sharon Mendelaoui