Ontario Ontario's Highlands

Ontario's Highlands

Come Wander in Ontario’s Highlands region. We love exploring this unique region and share some great restaurants, attractions, road trip stops and seasonal trip ideas to help you explore the region better.


My Unforgettable and Imperfect Moments in Ontario’s Highlands #comewander

It’s 7:00 AM and the rest of my family is fast asleep inside the cottage. Not many would get up at the crack of dawn on a cottage vacation, but for...
haliburton Ontario restaurants

Haliburton Restaurants – Homemade Ontario Small Town Goodness

Haliburton Restaurants Offer Homemade Goodness Updated May 2016. If you are a regular reader of this blog, then you know about my love for small towns in Ontario. I had the chance to...
Building Nook Creperie pembroke ontario

Savoury or Sweet, Nook Creperie Pembroke Serves Delicious Crepes

I've always thought of a crêpe as a dessert rather than a meal. A Nutella filled crêpe sprinkled with powdered sugar and topped with fresh-cut strawberries is my favourite. Those of you who...

Pottery Excursion: Gone to Pot with Yours Outdoors in Haliburton

Yours Outdoors Gone to Pot Pottery excursion and workshop is a great way to learn about how to create wheel spun pottery or pottery by hand using flat clay slabs. A great way to spend the day in Haliburton, Ontario.
Deakins Bed and Breakfast Killaloe Ontario Highlands

Sweet Canadian Dreams at Deakins Bed and Breakfast in Ontario’s Highlands

Outside the window, in front of me, I hear the fresh wind as the leaves are falling gently from the trees to the ground. Inside the small wooden shack, I'm trying...

Hotel Review: Pinestone Resort, Haliburton Winter Warm Up

I've stayed at many different types of hotels depending on my vacation or business needs. Sometimes you need an inexpensive hotel, sometimes you splurge on luxury and other times you pick...

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