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Review: Palm Trees and Polar Bears Bed and Breakfast

"Dream Big Dreams... Believe all things are possible." That is the sign I first read when I walked into the Palm Trees and Polar Bears bed and breakfast in Port Rowan, Ontario. It's quotations...

5 Star Luxury Glamping Dream at Long Point Eco Adventures

It was 8 degrees outside, not exactly ideal camping weather for a city girl with a penchant for luxury accommodations. However, I think I may have found the most luxurious way to camp. A...
Childhood Dreams Come True at Quebec City Winter Carnival

Childhood Dreams Come True at Quebec City Winter Carnival

Standing outside the ice palace, I'm mesmerised by each perfect clear block of ice stacked before me. His face is planted in the centre of the wall, in case there was any doubt that...

Hotel Review: Stone Gate Inn, Orillia Ontario

The Stone Gate Inn Orillia Ontario has 48 hotel suites and is located a short drive from downtown Orillia. A great boutique hotel experience in Ontario's Lake Country.

Summer Shines Bright A Starry Night in Orillia Ontario

A Starry Night in Orillia Ontario a public art exhibition featuring a special dinner at Shine Juice Bar and Cafe and lots of local art and music.
Old Montreal at night

Photo Essay: Old Montreal Inspires Photography Excursion

I don't know that I've ever taken this many photos on a trip before. It's Sunday morning and I'm standing on the platform of one of Montreal's Metro stations and I'm ready to take...

Photo Essay: Discover Ontario Fall Fairs and Events

As the last leaves on the tree in my front yard fall to the ground, I have to reminisce about the amazing road trips I took over the past two months thanks to my partnership with Ontario Central Counties Tourism. They sent me on the ultimate road trip, to experience the many fall fairs, art exhibits and fall events happening in the Central Counties region.
Ontario's Southwest Norfolk County

Ontario Travel Dreams in Norfolk County

I feel like I'm on an episode of the layover except I'm Anthony Bourdain, and my 24-hour layover is in Norfolk County, Ontario. I'm driving at top speeds through the most beautiful farm fields...
New Year's Eve in Niagara Falls

What You Need to Know About Spending New Year’s Eve in Niagara Falls

Ever wondered what it's like to celebrate New Year's Eve Niagara Falls? In this post, we discuss what to do and where to stay to celebrate.

My Unforgettable and Imperfect Moments in Ontario’s Highlands #comewander

It’s 7:00 AM and the rest of my family is fast asleep inside the cottage. Not many would get up at the crack of dawn on a cottage vacation, but for me and mosquitoes...