DOW Gardens Midland Michigan

Catching the Last Blooms of the Season in Dow Gardens Midland Michigan

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I had the fortune of a short walk through part of The Dow Gardens Midland Michigan recently and even as the gardening season ends it was beautiful, colourful and very peaceful. These gardens span 110 acres of land so it was impossible to see it all during our brief afternoon visit, but what I do know is that I can’t wait to go back again next summer.

DOW Gardens Midland Michigan


The History Behind Dow Gardens Midland Michigan

Founded by Herbert Dow, the owner of the Dow Chemical Company in 1899, The Dow Gardens have grown over time from eight acres to the sprawling gardens it has become today. Herbert Dow merged his love for agriculture and design to create these beautiful spaces of gardens and ponds and this work is now carried on by his grandchildren through the Dow Foundation.

DOW Gardens Midland Michigan


Beautiful Moving Sculptures and Glass Blown Art Displays

This year in addition to the beautifully designed flower gardens and displays Dow Gardens also featured some amazing moving iron sculptures throughout the grounds. These wind sculptures are mesmerizing as their moving pieces spin in the wind.


Like the wind sculptures there are also a number of beautiful glass blown art displays scattered throughout the gardens. As you walk through the colourful flower displays keep your eyes peeled for these amazing pieces of art.

Dow Gardens Midland Michigan_dailydream360.com_flower.jpg

Famous Dow Garden Red Bridges

Alden Dow designed these unique red bridges in Dow Gardens. They have been photographed many times over by famous photographers and are well known to fans of the gardens. The bridges were painted this vibrant red colour to complement the green around them.

DOW Gardens Midland Michigan

DOW Gardens Midland Michigan



Dow Gardens Historical Buildings

There are a number of houses which have been preserved on the grounds including the Alden B. Dow Home & Studio, an old Barn, the building housing the Dow offices and the home of Herbert H. and Grace Dow (featured below).

DOW Gardens Midland Michigan


Beautiful Ponds and Water

Throughout the many walks on this huge estate are a number serene ponds, streams and even a little waterfall to appreciate. The sounds of water amongst the beautiful flowers and trees is a really calming scene.




Each tree in the gardens has been tagged so you can easily identify the many different species. Including this very impressive willow that stopped a few hearts during our walk.

DOW Gardens Midland Michigan


I highly recommend a visit to Dow Gardens if you are planning a visit to Midland Michigan. Plan to spend a full day on the sprawling estate as there are many trails and walks to see.

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