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Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt – Thrilling Fun by Day, Scary Fun by Night

When I was younger I used to have dreams about going to Canada’s Wonderland and going from ride to ride without having to line up for an hour in between. It’s a dream we all have as kids at an amusement park, the VIP dream. There I was on a Sunday morning walking through the winding maze to my first ride at Canada’s Wonderland … then my second and then my third and I realized – It’s actually happening! I feel like I uncovered the secret to Canada’s Wonderland! Go to the park in October – preferably during a long weekend and you will pretty much have the run of the park!

It all started with an unbelievable deal from PayPal. Buy a Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt ticket for $29.99 ($20 savings on a regular ticket) and get a complimentary day pass. Since I loved the Haunt so much last year and was planning on returning this deal was just too good to pass up!

Canada’s Wonderland by Day

Walking into the park by day, the happy music played on the loudspeakers, photographers were waiting to take our photo at the enterance and the smell of funnel cake wafted through the air. Then there it was: Wonder Mountain and the beautiful water fountains.

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_03

By day with a clear blue sky above it was a picture perfect scene. Lots of happy laughter around and the faint sounds of people screaming happily on the many rides. We walked easily from one ride to the next, walking straight up and onto roller coasters with no wait at all. In fact, the only rides in the park that seemed to have busy lines were the newest rides The Guardians of the Galaxy and of course Leviathan, but even those lines were minimal and below a 30 minute wait.

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_04

There was lots of fun for kids of all ages at Wonderland, part of the Halloween spirit was seen in Planet Snoopy where kids were all dressed up in their best costumes and invited to participate in a treasure hunt through the family friendly part of the park. They went to different stations around the kids zone looking for treasures (in the form of candy and other treats).

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_14

Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

At 5:00PM the park closed it’s doors and everyone left the Canada’s Wonderland grounds. This part was a bit annoying as parking at Wonderland is $20. If I was to leave the parking lot for the 2 hour break before the Haunt began at 7:00 PM I would have had to pay another $20 when re-entering with my car! Not cool! So we walked across the street to a nearby Tim Hortons for a coffee and waited it out!

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_09

Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

By nightfall the park completely changed. Wonder Mountain was now haunted. The fountains in front dimly lit as fog rolled in throughout the park. The happy music playing throughout was now the sound of eerie creepy music and pounding drums. Lights all around the park were dimmed and the photographers waiting at the front to take your photo were gone and replaced with a number of creepy zombie like characters waiting to welcome you in.

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_10

The rides were all lit up and again there were no lines, but the rides are not the focus of Halloween Haunt. Sure it’s fun (and a bit chilly) to ride on these rides at night, but the real reason you visit Halloween Haunt is to experience a different scary side of Canada’s Wonderland.

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_08

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_05

The fun laughter a thrilled screams throughout the park were gone and all I could hear were lots of terrifying screaming. While walking through the park a number of creatures snuck up on us and the result was a scream! This was happening all over the park as all you could hear was creepy horror movie music and screaming.

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_cornstalkers maze

Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt features ten haunted mazes to walk through.  Each with a unique theme and the matching creatures within them. Since there were no lines at the park we were able to see all then. My favourite is still the creepy Cornstalkers maze where you had to walk through a narrow path of cornstalks as crazy zombies jumped out at you when you least expected it. Other notable mazes are the Clowns at Midnight where crazy clowns run wild both outside the haunted circus tent and inside. You will not be able to walk near this attraction without having a face-to-face meeting with one of these sneaky and creepy clowns.

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_01


By day the many decorations around the park are not very visible, however by night the fun family friendly mood changes to a dark and terrifying place.

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_07


I used to say I would never enjoy this type of attraction, but Canada’s Wonderland turns scary Halloween into a really fun scary night. Sure there are creepy zombies walking around the park that love to surprise you, and the mazes are meant to surprise you and creep you out too, but it is a fun kind of scary. I can’t seem to pass on the opportunity to walk among the zombies in the creepy park every year. If you’re one of those people that has always wanted to go, I highly recommend this for a screaming good time!

Canada's Wonderland_dailydream360.com_02

Let’s share our travel dreams together! Do you have a Halloween Haunt story to share? Tell me about it in the comments below.


  1. I haven’t been there in years and personally, I’ve always been terrified of these “haunts” but I know A LOT of people who swear by this annual event and attend every year without fail. Great review and love your night shots of the rides!


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