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Business bag, Carry-on, Messenger or Tote? It’s the Lug Sprout Carry-All


I have a new love in my life … OK, maybe that’s a bit dramatic for a travel bag! I’m very excited about my new Lug Sprout Carry-All, aside from the fact that it’s pink it has to be hands down the best business bag I have been able to find in a long, long time. What’s the big deal you ask?


Lug Sprout Carry-All the 3-in One – Business Bag

The best feature of this bag is that it has three carrying features. It can be worn as a backpack, or as a messenger bag or as a tote. The backpack straps hide away in the compartment in the back if you are not using them. So you can apply the long strap to carry the bag over your shoulder, or you can just use the great padded handles and carry it around as a tote. It’s brilliant! I purchased the bag for a conference so I could lug around my computer, tablet and all the notebooks that I needed. There was so much room for everything including the snacks I packed for the day.

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Lug Sprout Carry-All Organize with Compartments

Lug_sprout_carry-all_book bag

There is a compartment or pocket for everything that you might need to carry in this bag. I’m seeing this bag becoming a great carry-on bag for my travels as well. There is a large padded compartment in the back which is ideal for your computer, tablet and any wires or technical accessories you may need to bring with you.


A middle compartment is perfect for notebooks but can also be ideal for clothes or other carry-on items. There are three cargo pockets within this zipped compartment that can keep anything you need easy to grab.

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The front of the Carry-All Bag has numerous compartments including:

  • A soft lined magnetically sealed compartment for your phone
  • A zip pocket with a key fob, four credit card slots, two pen holders and a soft lined cargo pocket
  • Many compartments for easy access to books or magazines keeping everything in reach and organized

This lug bag also includes the hidden water bottle compartment which folds down flat when not in use.

Lug Sprout Carry-All Bag with Multiple Uses

What I love about this bag is that yes it makes a great business bag, but it has so many other uses as well. This would be a great school bag for University Students who need all their books and gadgets with them in school. It’s so comfortable to carry as a backpack. It would also be a great Carry-on bag as it includes the luggage strap on the back so you can slide it over your Luggage handle to keep it in place as you roll around the airport. Everything you will need on the plane or in the airport is easy to get to because everything is so organized in the bag!


I highly recommend this Lug Sprout Carry-All bag for your travels. It’s water resistant finish makes it easy to wipe down and keeps your stuff nice and dry! If you are looking for a new business bag, backpack or carry-on then you may want to take a closer look at this one!

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  1. I’ve been looking for a new carry on bag and had zeroed in on the Sprout Carry-All but have yet to buy one. I was being indecisive but, having read this recommendation, I’m going for it! The details about the bag, in this write up, have me sold. Now, to make my mind up about a colour :-)


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