Best Shoes for Travel – Vacation Must Haves for Your Feet

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Why a conversation on the best shoes for travel? I don’t know if I’ve ever written about this, but I have a wonky ankle. Yup at any moment, even walking barefoot on perfectly flat and solid ground, my ankle could decide it needs a break and leave me sprawled on the floor in pain. So for me, now more than ever having the right footwear when I travel is a complete must. I’m no longer a slave to fashion, but a slave to my wonky feet. So being a girly girl, I like comfort but lets face it when I’m wearing an evening dress at a resort I don’t want to walk around in a pair of flip flops? Or do I? Here are some of my favourite shoes to travel with when I go out on vacation. (Note I do not have any association with these companies below  and am not receiving compensation for this post – I just loooove these shoes and had to share!)

Best Shoes for Travel

Casual, Walking or for the Gym Shoes

Sketchers – Memory Foam Sneakers



Have you tried on a pair of these shoes yet? OMG! It’s like walking on a cloud of air and no matter how much walking you are doing, or if your pounding away in the hotel gym, these shoes are a travel must. With today’s luggage restrictions having lightweight shoes is imperative, and these Sketchers memory foam sneakers are light, not bulky and easy to pack – or a great shoe to wear in the airport when your lugging your bags and family to the last and furthest (cause that seems to be where my flights are every time) gate in the airport. Has anyone noticed, that the flights also seem to arrive at the furthest gate in the Toronto airport – every time? Sigh, that’s a whole other post…

Skechers Women’s Sport Skech Air Cross Trainer, Black/Hot Pink


Teva – Hiking Sandles


Some of my trips include hiking trails, or a little outdoor adventure. I found these Teva hiking sandals at DSW in Buffalo (real cheap) and they have been with me for many exciting adventures. Especially in warm climates or in the summer when you just don’t want to wear sneakers of full blown hiking shoes. So Teva sandals have a great tread on them, are comfortable and airy. I have had this pair for like 10 years – so I’m adding durable to the list too!

Casual or Dress them Up

dream-travel-mag-best-travel-shoes-naot-black-sandals  dream-travel-mag-best-travel-shoes-naot-casual-sandals


This shoe may be a on the pricey end for some, but they do have an outlet sale (in Vaughan, Ontario) two times a year where you can score some at great discount prices. I’ve also heard they carry them at Marshalls but have yet to discover them myself! If you are a person with bad feet, you may want to invest in a few pairs of Naot. They are so great and have a removable footbed, that can be replaced with a custom orthotic. I took a pair of my sandals and had them fitted with custom insoles for my own feet! Amazing! They are comfy enough to walk around in them all day, and dressy enough to wear with a nice pair of pants or a dress!


Crocs Canada  or Crocs USA visit the Crocs Outlet: Save up to 65%!I know your thinking this girl has lost her mind? Crocs should be in the Casual walking shoe, plastic category…but have you seen the latest from Crocs? These shoes are no longer the bulky weird shoes with the holes in them that come in a funky assortment of colours. They are … dare I say it … kind of stylish? Yeah I said it they are fashionable. If you haven’t seen Crocs lately you may want to check out their websites and see for yourself! The main thing about crocs they are as light as air so you don’t have to worry about how many pairs of shoes you have because they don’t really add to the weight of your luggage. Then there is the comfy squishy sole that seems to give you that walking on a cloud feeling. When you are walking a lot it makes a huge difference on your feet. In fact most of my travel shoes these days are Crocs and here are three of my favourite pairs.


Let’s talk about fashionable but comfy shoes!

Women’s Leigh Graphic Wedge – Stylish and you can walk for miles! The fabric straps on top make these shoes look like a cute pair of wedges and no one believes me when I say – these are Crocs! I have to show them the Crocs logo at the bottom of the shoe. Close up you see the familiar cushioned bottom of a Crocs shoe but with cute printed fabric straps these are a rather stylish shoe! I wear them all the time, to work, on trips where I’m going out at night or just day to day. I’m thinking I may need another pair in one of the other colours!


Patricia – I got these in black, but they come in many colour combinations. They have a slight wedge for a little height and are great for the evening with a sundress or for casual wear.


Sanrah – This is total comfort! A nice flat, airy sandal, easy to slip on that comes in several colours. I have the silver/gray one and I wear this shoe as a slipper around the house, for casual strolls or day to day. So if you always travel with a bunch of shoes in your bag and end up only wearing one comfy pair, you may want to consider some comfy and stylish options that won’t hurt your feet or your luggage allowance! Happy feet! Happy Travels!

3 thoughts on “Best Shoes for Travel – Vacation Must Haves for Your Feet”

  1. You should try Vionic! They are the only sandals I wear all summer and when I went backpacking last year for 2 month, they saved my life.

    1. Thanks Sara I will take a look at these shoes! I’m always happy to review travel related products on my site.

  2. Nice kicks! I’ve largely went with flip flops around SE Asia but don sneakers for my runs ;) Thanks!

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