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Get a Dream Glow with Neovadiol Rose Platinum Cream


Vichy has just announced their Neovadiol Rose Platinum skin cream. This skincare treatment nourishes, densifies and stimulated healthy glow of mature skin. For my older readers, I thought you might be interested in learning more about it. So I asked my Mom to do some testing with me and here are the results.

Vichy Neovadiol Rose Platinum Cream

No one wants to talk about ageing skin, but after menopause, skin pigmentation can increase, resulting in spots and duller more pale skin. This process creates more fragile skin, which loses its fullness and elasticity and can become dry and rough.

Vichy Rose Platinum Claim

The Rose Platinum cream is developed with ingredients which include:

  • Beeswax – soothes, protects and nourishes skin
  • Calcium – strengthens and improves skin
  • Mineral pigments – add natural skin tones
  • LHA – a derivative of salicylic acid designed for ultra absorbency
  • IGEFYL – improves skin’s overall health

The claim is that women who tried the skincare treatment on mature skin noticed a long-lasting transforming effect. Skin appeared more nourished, more supple, had an evener skin tone and a healthy glow.

Rose Platinum The Trial Results

First off I have to share that Vichy’s Rose Platinum cream has the most lovely Rose fragrance. I didn’t want to give the product to my mom because I just loved how it smelled so much. That said, this product is meant for mature skin, so I wanted someone that could benefit from it to test it out.

The texture of the cream is silky, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. When you first look at it, it is shiny and almost looks like water had accumulated in the jar, but it is just a shiny, smooth texture. Once you apply it to your skin, it absorbs immediately.

What Mom Said About Vichy Rose Platinum

She’s been using it for a few weeks now and here is her feedback.

  • She loved using it and loved its fragrance
  • She felt like it was cooling and soothing when applied
  • Absorbed instantly into her skin
  • Made her skin feel smooth and soft
  • She felt refreshed after using it

What I loved about this experiment was that I didn’t tell my mom much about this cream before she started using it. I just said this is for mature skin try it and let me know what you think.

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So in unison with Vichy’s results she said she liked that it absorbed quickly, she likes the texture of her skin after using it for a few weeks, and she found it refreshing. Like me, she found it hard to comment on improvements to the overall skin colour and skin strength but really how do we measure this without sophisticated technology.

Vichy introduced Neovadiol Rose Platinum skin cream. This skincare treatment nourishes, densifies and stimulates a healthy glow of mature skin. Find out the results of our product tests. | Vichy | Neovadiol Rose Platinum | Skin Care | Moisturizing Cream | Beauty | Mature Skin |

Conclusion Vichy Rose Platinum is a Hit

Another winner for Vichy! Vichy Rose Platinum is a great moisturizing lotion for mature skin. It does indeed live up to its claims and shows results almost immediately after you start using it. It has a wonderful rosy floral fragrance and makes your skin feel soft and smooth.

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Disclosure: I received the Vichy Liftactiv Vitamin C collection for review purposes.

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