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African Lion Safari: Ontario Summer Fun for Kids of All Ages


OMG the Baboon started its walk towards the vehicle, hopping on one foot then the other, he made his sneaky approach and before we knew what happened he was up on top of the car! He was quickly followed by his friend who also wanted to take a ride on the car! Luckily my car was safely parked outside the safari fences in the parking lot, but I watched in awe from my safe a cozy spot on the African Lion Safari Tour Bus. This was going to be an amazing day!

African Lion Safari_baboons on car

Go on Safari at African Lion Safari

I can’t believe how close we got to so many amazing animals on our guided bus tour of the Game Reserve area of the park. The animals were walking right up to the bus and the cars who braved the open concept game reserve in their own vehicles. We drove past signs alerting us of the dangerous animals in the reserve warning us to keep our windows closed. Before you knew it there they were standing on the side of the road waiting for us to drive by. Some coming to rub up against the strange vehicles or like our Baboon friends hop on top to enjoy the ride.

We drove by Cheetahs cleverly hiding in their sanctuary and Lions sitting on rocks not at all fussed by the vehicles stopping to gawk and take pictures. They were just a few feet away and it is easy to forget that these are vicious dangerous creatures and not cuddly furry friends – except for the consistent reminder not to open your windows! White lions lay in the shade keeping a watchful eye on their young, while the big dominant male Lion lay atop his rock perch not at all interested in us as we drove by.

African Lion Safari - Safari Tour Bus.jpg

We entered through the fences of each reserve which kept like animals in the their own habitats and as we entered the next we were told that vehicles had the options to skip it, as the Baboons were known to steel windshield wipers from the cars passing by. They were playful and active and hard to catch on camera because they were having so much fun!

Then we entered an amazing reserve with Zebras, Giraffe, Wildabeest and horned Oryx grazing the fields and huddled by the watering hole. I was no longer a visitor of Southern Ontario but caught up in an amazing world of exotic animals I never thought I would ever get the chance to see so close up. Sure going to Africa has always been a dream of mine, but here I was just an hour or so from home and staring into the big horn of a rhinoceros! Amazing!

African Lion Safari – Elephant Swim

African Lion Safari - Elephant Swim

What is a safari adventure without watching the amazing elephants cool off with a swim? Well at African Lion Safari you get two amazing chances each day to witness the elephant swim, once at 12PM and again at 7PM. The elephants take a walk together, holding the tail of the elephant in front of them in their trunks. It was a happy elephant family off for an adventure together. They splashed into the watering hole together and ducked their massive bodies and heads under the water. It was an extremely hot day so it was only a matter of moments before they began splashing their bodies with water. They stayed close together and gracefully bobbed their bodies and heads in and out of the water. Swimming close to the crowd who gathered close by to watch all the action.

African Lion Safari – Park Attractions

After our safari and watching the elephants swim we finally entered the Kenya Gate into the park. Everyone in the family will have something to do and see. Lots of animals and exotic birds to interact with, a fabulous splash park to cool off in and even an amazing boat ride and train ride!

Fun African Lion Safari Train Ride

African Lion Safari - Rail Ride

More than 1,000 Exotic Birds and Animals

African Lion Safari - Animals around the park

The Elephant Lookout

African Lion Safari - Elephant Lookout

African Lion Safari – Shows

If that is not enough! There are three African Lion Safari shows: The Parrot Paradise, The Elephant Round Up and the Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration. All three shows run several times throughout the day.

Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration

African Lion Safari_birds of prey show

Affordable Family Fun for the Whole Family!

We were quite surprised at how affordable African Lion Safari is compared to other Ontario attractions. Less than the price of a ticket to Wonderland or a short visit at Legoland, you can enjoy interacting with amazing animals, splashing in the water park or taking a fun ride on a train or boat and who can forget the Safari! Remember if you are a CAA member you get a 10% discount at the ticket booth or if you buy in advance online, you will receive 15% off the ticket and even more great benefits.

If you have never been to African Lion Safari, then I urge you to take a drive to the Hamilton area and go on Safari with your family! It was an amazing experience and I still can’t believe how close I got to all these amazing animals! I’ve always dreamed about going to African Lion Safari and so glad to check that off my dream travel list!

We were guests of African Lion Safari courtesy of CAA South Central Ontario, however the opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. Wow looks like a great trip! Last time I did a safari trip was in Singapore, but it was a night safari so didn’t have the dynamic of a day safari trip. Really awesome pictures!


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